Which Top Slovenian restaurants will receive Michelin stars (and how many)?


In 2020, Slovenia will receive its first Michelin starred restaurant(s). This opens many questions, from who will receive the Michelin star(s) in Slovenia to how many will the chefs get, to what will that bring to Slovenian gastronomy.

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The anticipation …

The temperatures (in the best Slovenian restaurants) are definitely rising and will continue to rise until the 16th of June the Michelin guide will officially announce who will be the first Slovenian chefs to receive their Michelin stars in 2020, who will get recommended by the Michelin guide and the recipient of Bib Gourmand.

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Winners of The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2019

Slovenian public is looking forward to the announcement of Michelin guide as they believe the arrival of the Michelin gastronomic guide in 2020 represents a great opportunity for Slovenia to increase its profile as a top gastronomic destination and to raise the quality of Slovenian gastronomy and for the most excellent Slovenian restaurants a unique opportunity to gain the Michelin star they have been dreaming about.

Which Slovenian chef will receive Michelin’s star?

Among the “front-runners” or candidates if you will, are for sure: Gostilna pri Lojzetu – dvorec Zemono with the amazing head-chef Tomaž Kavčič, Hiša Franko with award-winning chef and Ana Roš, Hiša Denk run by head-chef Gregor Vračko, Ošterija Debeluh with chef Jure Tomič, Restaurant Mak with David Vračko as the head-chef, Strelec run by the talented Igor Jagodic, JB restaurant run by talented Janez Bratovž, Pavus where chef Marko Pavčnik cooks, Vila Podvin run by Uroš Štefalin, Restaurant Maxim with the head-chef Peter Kovač, Dam Restaurant where the head chef is Uroš Fakuč, and Gostišče Grič with the amazing chef Luka Košir.

Best Slovenian restaurants from The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020

How many Michelin stars will Slovenian chefs receive?

With so many incredible restaurants and talented chefs, one would think Slovenia will receive at least 10 Michelin stars. However, most of the Slovenian gastronomic community is not being too optimistic about it.

At this year’s roundtable, held at Alpe Adria Fair, where the main topic was Slovenia – gastronomic destination, Tomaž Kavčič stated that he will be happy if he receives one, but by no means will he be disappointed if he does not receive a Michelin star. Find out more about Kavčič’s statement, here.

Place your bets …

Possible candidates for 2 Michelin stars

By our predictions, the possible candidates for 2 Michelin stars are: Hiša Franko, Gostilna pri Lojzetu – Dvorec Zemono, Gostišče Grič, and Hiša Denk.

Gostilna pri Lojzetu – Dvorec Zemono

Possible candidates for 1 Michelin star

The list of possible candidates who we think might receive 1 Michelin star is here: Gostilna Repovž, Ošterija Debeluh, Restavracija Mak, TaBar, Restavracija Strelec, Hiša Torkla, Vila Podvin, JB Restavracija, Dam Restavracija, Restavracija CUBO, and Restavracija Maxim.

Possible candidates for Bib Gourmand

The following restaurants are the ones we consider are possible candidates for Bib Gourmand: Hiša Fink, Domačija Novak, Gostilna Mahorčič, Gostilna Rakar, Domačija Klinec, Gostilna Rajh, Špacapanova hiša, Gostilnica Ruj, Vila Planinka, Gostišče Milka, and Domačija Majerija.

The announcement of the first Slovenian Michelin stars will be on the 16th of June. Stay tuned for more information about the recipients of Michelin stars in Slovenia!

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Do you think the winners of The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020 will be amongst the recipients of Michelin star?

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