Top Slovenian wines


Slovenia has been recognized as one of the top wine-growing countries in the world as there are plenty of opportunities to taste and toast with an amazing glass of wine. In this article, we introduce you to the top Slovenian wines.

Slovenia is known for its rich wine heritage, and it offers a diverse range of high-quality wines. The country has three main wine regions: Podravje, Posavje, and Primorska, each with its unique characteristics and grape varieties.

From the earthy reds of Mediterranean Primorska, to the sweet whites of Podravje in the northeast,  the limitless supply of refreshing cviček of Posavje in the southeast, and to the traditional Ljubljana wine route, which unites winemakers from all regions, the Slovenia Wine guide is intended to give only a brief overview of Slovenia’s wine industry, one of the oldest in the world and yet still, for many, an unexplored scene.

Over the couple decades many of Slovenia’s winemakers – from the largest cooperatives to the smallest family-run operations – have expanded, renovated and modernized their facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and gorgeous tasting facilities, and have been duly rewarded for their efforts with a plethora of prestigious awards and increasing recognition from the international media. TOP winemakers in Slovenia have added accommodation and other services, which makes visiting them easier than ever before. Add a special touch to your stay and join the TOP Wine Tours in Slovenia, which will make your visit truly memorable.

Top Slovenian Wine: Teran

Teran is one of the most famous Slovenian wines. It originates in the Slovenian Karst region, where there is plenty of red soil.

Taste Teran here.

Top Slovenian wine: Cviček

Cviček has made the wine-growing of Dolenjska famous across Europe and has claimed a spot as a Slovenian wine ambassador next to Karst Teran. 

Discover the famous Cviček here.

Top Slovenian Wine: Rebula

The best Rebula wine in Slovenia comes from Goriška Brda, which gives this top Slovenian wine its true Mediterranean touch or flavor if you will. Rebula, unlike Cviček and Teran, does not officially come from Slovenia.

Cheer with Rebula here.

Top Slovenian wine: Refošk

Besides Teran, Refošk or Refosco is the most known variety of red wines, that come from the Slovenian wine region Primorska or Karst.

Top Slovenian wine: Modra Frankinja / Blaufränkisch

Modra Frankinja is also known as Blaufränkisch is one of the top Slovenian Wines from the Štajerska region, which is a part of the Podravje wine region.

Learn more about Modra Frankinja here.

Top Slovenian wine: Žametna črnina / Black velvet

Žametna Črnina is a well-known red Slovenian wine grape variety. Žametna Črnina is one of the oldest domesticated grape varieties in Slovenia, not to mention it is also one of the top Slovenian wines, that come from the oldest vineyards in Slovenia.

Explore the top Slovenian wine Žametna Črnina here

TOP Slovenian sparkling wines

Slovenian Sparkling wines from the best Slovenian vineyards are just what you need for your next celebration.

Explore the top Slovenian sparkling wines here.

Frangež House of sparkling wine

It’s time for us to once again say ‘Na zdravje!’ to wine lovers from all over the world.