Vila Podvin

Opened in 2013, Vila Podvin is part of the beautifully restored 14th-century castle, where the Slovene constitution was written, some 2km east of Radovljica, and just a short drive north of Ljubljana.

The restaurant, itself, was converted from the original stables into a spacious building with Stane Kregar’s stained glass windows. There are seven comfortable guests rooms and suites available, but the real highlight here is the kitchen, which is run by one of Slovenia’s top chefs, Uroš Štefelin, who challenges himself to discover and highlight forgotten local ingredients and dishes.

 Renowned for transforming traditional Slovene cuisine using modern culinary techniques, Štefelin prepares his own unique dishes with local ingredients and ample creativity. He places special emphasis on tepka, a rare variety of pear and flavour from his childhood, and works its way into innovative risottos, chutney, pasta and ice cream.

With a common local saying being ‘There is no garden without a tepka pear tree’, this is just one example, of many, that highlights Štefelin’s mixing of tradition and heritage with innovative modern approaches.

A popular venue for weddings, the Podvin estate also hosts other private events, offers horseback riding around their estate, birthday parties and cooking workshops (for children, adults and professionals), and even has a selection of souvenirs for guests to buy that represent Slovenia’s rich cultural heritage.

On the first Saturday of every month, Vila Podvin holds a local farmer’s market with the option for lunch at Vila Podvin afterwards. Vila Podvin has also linked up with other local inns in Radovljica to create Okusi Radolce (Taste Radolce), which highlights local culinary delicacies, increases the traceability of food and places a emphasis on local suppliers.


Mošnje 1, 4240 Radovljica

+386 8 384 34 70;,

Chef: Uroš Štefelin, Sommelier: Samo Pelcl

Cuisine: traditional Slovenian, modern

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