Domačija Majerija

Chef: Matej Tomažič

This villa outside the village of Slap is one of the premier gastronomic
destinations of the region, and, budget permitting, a perfect place to
end a day of wine tasting in Vipava. A head chef who moonlights as
a professor at a culinary school in Trieste endows the place with a
certain pedigree and also guarantees a steady stream of Italian visitors
at the weekends. All the ingredients are freshly sourced from local
producers (or the herb garden out back), and the oft-changing menu is
seasonal, focussing on light Mediterranean cuisine during the warmer
months and hearty central European dishes in the fall and winter.
Highly recommended.


Slap 18 Vipava

+386 41 405 903


15.5 / 20,4

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4 / 5

4 / 5

5 / 5

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