What does Grega Repovž think about the Michelin in Slovenia?

Grega Repovž - Gostilna Repovž

Before it became a restaurant, the Repovž residence was a family home. They are the sixth generation living and working there – an enviable tradition, which is certainly the main reason why they invest so much passion, love, and energy into their work.

Today we asked sommelier Grega Repovž what he thinks about the arrival of the Michelin Guide to Slovenia.

A typical Slovene restaurant filled with warmth and memories, with a fully staffed bar and prepared tables and Gostilna Repovž is just that. The notice above the door reads ‘For kind souls and curious stomachs’. With a strongly rooted tradition, together with an ongoing search for innovation, we have a desire to present themselves to the outside world. The inspiration from the surrounding nature and people, as well as the richness of the Dolenjska region, provide the conditions for their creative signature cuisine.

Family Repovž

THE: What do you think about the arrival of the Michelin guide to Slovenia and what will it mean for the Slovenian restaurants that will become the recipients of Michelin star(s)?

Gregor Repovž: “I think that for most things, both in life and in business, it is better that they happen organically, naturally (if you will). Not to rush towards achievement at all costs. This usually takes a lot of time, willpower and patience. Achievements are then sweeter and more prized and usually last longer. That would probably be better with Michelin too, but the harsh reality is that the guide probably would never come to Slovenia by himself. Or so, who knows. Maybe when the time would be right for everyone to mature in that sense. Both providers and customers. In short, in the whole tourist chain of our country. And yet, Michelin Guide is coming, which is certainly good. Another gray spot will be revealed on the culinary map of the world. We’ll give the world a signal. A signal that we exist, that our cuisine is good enough, that our chefs are well-known and good enough to satisfy a demanding international guest. Michelin Star recipients will be on the cover, interviewing and appearing in culinary TV shows. In short, high-quality cuisine will be back on the pediatrician.

THE: What kind of an impact will the Michelin Guide have for Slovenian gastronomy?

Gregor Repovž: ” The (culinary) voice of our country will become even louder, foreign media will write about our cuisine, chefs, products. In short, the whole wheel will spin even faster and faster. Like too many times before, we will again forget about pubs, barbecues, and diners serving “comfort” food. The ones that Michelin overlooks. Where the locals eat, where the food is authentic and homemade. Where the dishes are cooked long and slow. Where food suits the majority and is accessible to the general public. These are diners that should be the pillar of Slovenian cuisine. Unfortunately, important culinary guides overlook them, as a result, they are not interested in the media, the gap is widening and the genuine offer is disappearing. However, Michelin’s arrival is definitely a big and important story for Slovenian cuisine. We must be proud of this common achievement. At the same time, be careful about the rest of the culinary heritage, which is all the more important to us who live here.”

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