Ošterija Debeluh

Considered by those in the know as one of the best restaurants in the region, if not the entire country, Ošterija Debeluh and acclaimed head chef Jure Tomič have built up a well-earned reputation for innovative, beautifully presented and most importantly delicious dishes.

With their main focus always being simple, clean and seasonal flavours, Ošterija Debeluh inspires with dishes such as smoked trout with roasted pear, horseradish and caviar, a modern take on the classic blueberry štrudelj with crunchy yogurt, pasta with young goat cheese, pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin flowers and one of their most recognizable dishes, beef tartar with nutmeg, foie gras and quail egg.

Styled as a quaint French countryside restaurant, the atmosphere surrounding a fantastic meal is intimate and warm. With antique chandeliers, candles and framed paintings, their decor reflects their dishes, both being a combination of tradition and modern elegance.

Excellence doesn’t come cheap however, and you should expect to pay significantly per person for several courses, and more if you wish to indulge with something off of the equally impressive wine list, also compiled in part by Tomič, who in 2010 was sommelier champion of Slovenia and who has represented Slovenia at the European Sommelier Championships in Strasbourg. For those who can afford it, Debeluh can’t be recommended highly enough.


THE Slovenia Restaurants: Top 163


Trg izgnancev 7, 8250 Brežice

+386 7 496 10 70 info@debeluh.si, www.debeluh.si

Chef: Jure Tomič, Sommelier: Jure Tomič

Cuisine: modern

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