Nejka in Uroš Klinec

Chef: Uroš Klinec

You can’t beat a little bit of family cooking, and ‘family’ is definitely the
operative word as far as Klinec Plešivo is concerned. Uroš and Nejka
(not to mention Izak) have created a little slice of home in the heart of
Goriška Brda – Uroš takes care of the food with an expert touch while
Nejka covers the accommodation and sommelier side of things with
the energy of a novice and the expertise of a veteran, all in an idyllic
location fuelled with the freshest of local ingredients. If you close your
eyes tight enough, you might just find yourself a new home.


Plešivo 51b Dobrovo v Brdih

+386 5 995 51 75


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