The “Kriška jezera” lakes


The Kriška Lakes are four picturesque alpine lakes of glacial origin in Kriški Podi. The lakes are surrounded by the Julian Alps summits of Razor, Planja, Križ, Stenar, Bovec Gamsovec and Pihavec.

Memorable experiences of the highest lake peaks

Upper Kriško Lake is located at 2154 meters above sea level and is Slovenia’s highest lake.

Lower Kriško Lake is the largest and has a grassy slope along its shore, a popular relax spot.

The fourth Kriško Lake is a high-mountain lake most recently discovered. After winters with heavy snowfall, it can stay covered with snow all summer and only show its water levels come autumn.

Numerous marmots, chamois and ibex inhabit the lake area, and alpine flowers bloom there in summer. Pogačnik’s mountain hut on Kriški Podi is located in the vicinity of the lakes.


Lower Kriško Lake is also known as ‘the Lake near Studenec’, Middle Kriško lake is called ‘the Lake below Griva’, Upper Kriško Lake is ‘a Lake below Križ’ and the fourth, lesser known lake was named ‘the Lake bellow Stenar’.

Why have I chosen these lakes?

Because they offer an unforgettable experiences of the highest lake summits among the tall and mighty mountains.

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