Restavracija Mak

Chef: David Vračko

Despite being a little out of the way and not possessing the most
inspiring of interiors, Restavracija Mak has forged a reputation as
Maribor’s finest restaurant, a testament to the supreme quality of its food if ever there was one. Sure, the food at Mak isn’t cheap, but the food of this standard rarely ever is. For guests, a meal at Mak is an education in appreciating the art of cooking, something that is increasingly being lost in the fast-pace of the modern world. Its attention to detail is truly second to none.


Osojnikova ulica 20 Maribor

+386 2 620 00 53


17 / 20,4

3 / 4

5 / 5

5 / 5

4.3 / 5

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