The MICHELIN Guide Slovenia 2023 – Ana Roš awarded three Michelin stars!

MIchelinove zvezdice Slovenija za leto 2023 so znane
MIchelinove zvezdice Slovenija za leto 2023 so znane

Today, the renowned culinary guide Michelin confirmed the excellence of Slovenian gastronomy. Hiša Franko, under the leadership of Ana Roš, has been awarded the highest accolade in the Michelin guide for Slovenia 2023 – three Michelin stars.

Hiša Franko also retained its Green Michelin Star, making it only the 32nd restaurant in the world to hold both distinctions simultaneously. Another shining star is the restaurant Milka, helmed by David Žefran, which has progressed and earned two Michelin stars this year. Seven restaurants have reaffirmed their top-quality status and retained one Michelin star each, while one new addition, Špacapanova hiša, has joined the seven restaurants boasting a Green Michelin Star. In total, the guide features 59 restaurants.

Here are the results of the MICHELIN Star Awards in Slovenia for the year 2023

A total of 59 restaurants were selected, and the MICHELIN stars were awarded as follows:

1 restaurant received THREE MICHELIN STARS: Hiša Franko with Ana Roš

1 restaurant received TWO MICHELIN STARS: Restavracija Milka with David Žefran

7 restaurants maintained ONE MICHELIN STAR

  1. COB, Filip Matjaž
  2. Dam Restavracija, Uroš Fakuč
  3. Gostilna pri Lojzetu, Tomaž Kavčič
  4. Grič, Luka Košir
  5. Hiša Denk, Gregor Vračko
  6. Hiša Linhart, Uroš Štefelin
  7. Restavracija Strelec, Igor Jagodic

7 restaurants maintained or obtained the MICHELIN GREEN STAR

  1. Hiša Franko, Ana Roš (maintained)
  2. Hiša Linhart, Uroš Štefelin (maintained)
  3. Gostilna Krištof, Uroš Gorjanc (maintained)
  4. Gostilna Mahorčič, Ksenija Krajšek Mahorčič (maintained)
  5. Gostišče Grič, Luka Košir (maintained)
  6. Gostilna Repovž, Meta Repovž (maintained)
  7. Špacapanova Hiša, Ago Špacapan (new addition this year)

7 Bib Gourmand restaurants – Bib Gourmand restaurants offer high-quality culinary experiences at reasonable prices

  1. Gostilnica Ruj
  2. Jožef
  3. Gostilna na Gradu
  4. TaBar
  5. Gostilna Rajh
  6. Mahorčič
  7. Gostilna Repovž

43 recommended restaurants (including 5 new additions: Kogo in Koper, AFTR, Breg, Georgie Bistro, and Peti 181 in Ljubljana).

Hiša Franko among 130 restaurants in the world with 3 Michelin stars

Hiša Franko, under the culinary mastery of Ana Roš, is now the first Slovenian restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars. Michelin grants three stars to restaurants with exceptional cuisine that are worth planning a special journey for. Alongside Hiša Franko, there are only 140 restaurants worldwide with this highest Michelin Guide distinction.

After debuting with one star last year, Milka restaurant in Kranjska Gora has achieved two Michelin stars this year, a mark of excellent cuisine worth a detour.

The exceptional quality of Slovenian gastronomy is further confirmed by seven restaurants that have retained one Michelin star since last year. These are restaurants offering high-quality cuisine worthy of a visit. They are (listed in alphabetical order):

  • COB, Chef Filip Matjaž
  • Dam restaurant, Chef Uroš Fakuč
  • Gostilna pri Lojzetu, Chef Tomaž Kavčič
  • Grič, Chef Luka Košir
  • Hiša Denk, Chef Gregor Vračko
  • Hiša Linhart, Chef Uroš Štefelin
  • Restavracija Strelec, Chef Igor Jagodic

Seven restaurants have earned a Green Michelin Star, including the newcomer Špacapanova Hiša in Komno. Additionally, seven restaurants have been awarded Bib Gourmand status, a distinction for restaurants that offer a high-quality and authentic dining experience at reasonable prices. Five new entries have also been added to the list of 43 restaurants selected by Michelin inspectors for the Slovenia 2023 guide.

Who were the recipients of Michelin stars last year?

Last year, Hiša Franko, led by the internationally renowned chef Ana Roš, achieved culinary excellence, earning two prestigious Michelin stars.

Among the restaurants that maintained their one-star status from the previous assessment is Gostilna pri Lojzetu, where Tomaž Kavčič (Vipava) continues to impress with his culinary creations. Likewise, at Dam, Uroš Fakuč (Nova Gorica) showcases his culinary mastery. Meanwhile, Hiša Denk, expertly managed by Gregor Vračko (Zgornja Kungota), and Grič, where Luka Košir (Šentjošt nad Horjulom) orchestrates a delightful symphony of flavors, have also retained their well-deserved Michelin stars. It’s worth noting that Atelje, under the stewardship of Jorg Zupan (Ljubljana), maintained its Michelin star, although the restaurant closed at the outset of this year.

Furthermore, the culinary constellation expanded last year with the inclusion of new stars. Notable among them is Cob in Portorož, where the talented Filip Matjaž crafts culinary masterpieces. Milka in Kranjska Gora, meticulously overseen by David Žefran, also secured its place in the Michelin firmament, as did the stylish Restavracija Strelec in Ljubljana, where Igor Jagodic masterfully directs the culinary journey. Uroš Štefelin was likewise honored with a well-deserved star for his recently unveiled Hiša Linhart in Radovljica.

The Michelin stars 2023 will be soon be revealed

Today, the culinary world is eagerly anticipating the announcement of the new Michelin star recipients for the year 2023. Alongside these, we also await the unveiling of other prestigious distinctions, such as the Michelin Plate, which spotlights restaurants highly recommended by Michelin inspectors for their unwavering commitment to fresh, top-quality ingredients and meticulous culinary craftsmanship. The coveted Bib Gourmand awards, recognizing outstanding yet reasonably priced cuisine, will also be revealed. Additionally, select restaurants and culinary artisans may earn special recognition for their steadfast dedication to sustainability.ichelin

Esteemed chefs are gathering in Ljubljana today to celebrate the unveiling of the new Michelin guide 2023, known as the “red bible.” As part of the celebration, these culinary luminaries will be presented with commemorative plaques adorned with the year 2023, alongside the iconic chef’s jackets.

It’s worth noting that Slovenia made its remarkable debut in the Michelin guide in 2020 and now proudly boasts a total of 57 distinguished Slovenian restaurants featured within the guide’s illustrious pages.

A Look Back at 2022 Michelin stars

Slovenian Tourist Board that Michelin Guide, as well as the prestigious Michelin Stars, are again in Slovenia and released its famous Slovenian Michelin Guide update. The arrival of the renowned Michelin restaurant guide was presented at last year’s edition of Days of Slovenian Tourism and is the result of important steps that Slovenian gastronomy has made in the field of development and increasing the recognition and reputation of Slovenia as a destination for top gastronomic experiences.

The anticipation over the last few weeks grew steadily both in the restaurant kitchen as well as among the culinary enthusiasts in Slovenia. The Michelin guide in Slovenia represents a great opportunity for Slovenia to increase its profile as a top regional gastronomic destination and to raise the quality of Slovenian gastronomy, and for the most excellent Slovenian restaurants a unique opportunity to gain the Michelin star they been dreaming about.

The printed version of the red Michelin guide in Slovenia will be published this year, which further emphasizes the importance of gastronomy as a key development and promotion theme of Slovenian tourism in 2020 and 2021, especially since both gastronomic and touristic sectors were hit hard during the epidemic.

Recipients of Michelin Stars Slovenia 2022

The wait is finally over! We are happy to announce who will receive the Michelin stars in Slovenia in 2022. Michelin Guide inspectors were impressed with Slovenia, both as a country but also with the restaurants, where they enjoyed their meals. What impressed them, even more, was the sustainability factor.

Two Michelin stars restaurants and chef: Hiša Franko, chef Ana Roš, Kobarid

One Michelin star restaurants and chefs:

  1. COB, chef, Filip Matjaž, Portorož, NEW
  2. Hiša Denk, chef Gregor Vračko, Zgornja Kungota
  3. Hiša Linhart, chef Uroš Štefelin, Radovljica – NEW
  4. Gostilna pri Lojzetu – Dvorec Zemono, chef Tomaž Kavčič, Vipava
  5. Grič, chef Luka Košir, Šentjošt nad Horjulom
  6. Milka, David Žafran, NEW
  7. Restavracija Dam, chef Uroš Fakuč, Nova Gorica
  8. Restavracija Atelje chef Jorg Zupan, Ljubljana
  9. Strelec, chef Igor Jagodic, Ljubljana – NEW

Check who received the Michelin Stars in Slovenia last year, here.

The Michelin sustainability awards

The sustainability awards from Michelin go to: Gostišče Grič with Luka Košir, Hiša Franko with Ano Roš, Gostilna Krištof with Uroš Gorjanc, Gostilna Mahorčič with Ksenija Krajšek Mahorčič, Gostilna Repovž with Meta Repovž- NEW, Hiša Linhart with Uroš Štefelin NEW.

Michelin guide Slovenia 2022

michelin slo 22


As- Ljubljana, Altrokè -Ljubljana NEW, B-Restaurant – Ljubljana, Calypso – Nova Gorica, City Terasa- Maribor NEW, Cubo – Ljubljana, Dvor Jezeršek – Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Etna -Divača, Galerija okusov – Petrovče, Gostilna Danilo- Reteče, Gostilna Francl- Celje, Gostilna Krištof – Kranj, Gostilna Vovko- Brusnice, Gredič- Dobrovo v Brdih, Harfa- Ljubljana,  Hiša Krasna- Lokev, Hiša Torkla- Korte, JB Restaurant – Ljubljana, Kendov Dvorec – Idrija, Julijana – Bled, Landerik – Ljubljana, Mak- Maribor, Ošterija Debeluh – Brežice, Otočec Castle – Otočec, Monstera Bistro – Ljubljana, Pavus – Celje, Pikol – Nova Gorica, Restavracija 1906 – Bled NEW, Restavracija Hotela Marina – Izola, Restavracija Mama Marija – Kranjska Gora NEW, Rizibizi – Portorož, Sedem – Maribor, Separé – Ljubljana, Shambala- Ljubljana, Sophia – Portorož, Stara Gostilna – Piran, Sushimama -Ljubljana, Špacapanova hiša -Komen NEW, Valvas’or – Ljubljana, Vila Planinka – Jezersko, Vila Podvin- Radovljica NEW

Bib Gourmand Awards

Bib Gourmand goes to gostilna na Gradu -Ljubljana, gostilna Jožef -Idrija, gostilna Mahorčič – Rodik, gostilna Rajh – Murska Sobota, gostilna Ruj- Dutovlje, Tabar– Ljubljana, Gostilna Repovž – Šentjanž.

The arrival of the Michelin Guide is an opportunity for even greater quality in Slovenian gastronomy, as well as for other providers in the direction of creating and upgrading the complementary offer at the destination. Namely, it has been proven that the destinations have increased the number of visitors, their consumption, and overnight stay due to the Michelin-starred restaurants. Michelin stars are a motivation for raising quality and developing other tourist offers in the destination, and their positive impact can be seen in other sectors, too. The practice has shown that an individual successful restaurant can lift the entire local economy.

Michelin Guide and Michelin Stars in Slovenia, but what do Slovenian chefs think about them?

Gastronomy has always been one of the key elements in promoting Slovenian tourism. As such, it has been recognized by various stakeholders in the Slovenian tourism industry, who have united themselves in the vision of the development of Slovene tourism in the direction of unique sustainable boutique 5-star experiences. 

Recently we have set down with Slovenian chefs to talk about the arrival of Michelin in Slovenia.

We asked Tomaž Kavčič, Ana RošJanez BratovžLuka KoširČrt ButulBine VolčičMarko Pavčnik, Grega RepovžIgor Jagodic, Mojmir Šiftar and Matej Tomažič about the arrival of Michelin in Slovenia and with kind of an impact, the famous French guide named after a tire – Michelin will have on Slovenian gastronomy.

All of these Slovenian chefs and their Slovenian restaurants have been recognized as creme de la creme at this year’s The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020. Learn more about this year’s winners of The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020 here.

Slovenian Michelin Stars and those across the Slovenian border

With all the talk about the first-ever Michelin stars in Slovenia, we must not forget there is an amazing chef who lives just a short drive away from the Slovenian border with Italy you will find a Michelin starred restaurant La Suibida, where our fellow Slovene Joško Sirk holds the prestigious honor that is the Michelin Star. Read more about the first Slovenian Michelin Star across the Slovenian border.

There are currently over 2000 restaurants around the world, who are the proud recipients of (one, two,or even three) Michelin star(s).

While we just received our first Michelin Guide in Slovenia, countries around Slovenia already have a few Michelin starred restaurants. Slovenia is the last one to receive the famous red restaurants guide Michelin. Discover which restaurants across the Slovenian border have Michelin stars and were featured in Michelin Guide.

The Michelin Guide just unveiled the new selection for the fourth edition of the MICHELIN Guide Croatia 2020 in March.

Best Slovenian restaurants

Two weeks before the Michelin Guide in Slovenia reveal, we hosted the fourth annual The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020. Due to the restrictions on public gatherings this year’s The Slovenia Restaurant Awards were held online in the form of a virtual ceremony together with amazing chefs like Ana Roš, Tomaž Kavčič,and Uroš Štefelin. Make sure you check out the best Slovenian restaurants and the winners of this year’s The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020.