How to get to Ljubljana Airport?


Ljubljana Airport, or Jože Pučnik Airport, is Slovenia’s main international gateway, located 26 kilometers north of Ljubljana. Opened in 1963, it has modern facilities and offers a range of services, including shopping, dining, and car rentals. The airport connects to numerous European destinations, making it a key hub for travelers. Domestic and foreign tourists fly in and out of Slovenia from Ljubljana airport.

Getting to and from Ljubljana Airport is quite simple, mainly due to the fact that Ljubljana Airport is only a short drive away from the capital of Ljubljana. Getting to Ljubljana Airport will take you around 30 minutes.

Ljubljana Aiport is the only international airport in Slovenia and hence the biggest airport in Slovenia. For more direct flights you may go over the border in Italy, Austria, Croatia, or even Hungary.

The airport Ljubljana has a 3,300 m × 60 m (10,827 ft × 197 ft) paved runway which is equipped with ILS Cat IIIb on runway 30. NDB and VOR approach are also available. The runway of Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport was closed to air traffic in April 2010 during which time, the entire length of the asphalt surface of the runway was renovated, as well as the asphalt surface on some parts of the taxiways.

Ljubljana Airport and it’s many names

Now, we Slovenians rarely call it the “Ljubljana Airport”, therefore you might hear the following names for Ljubljana Airport while traveling to and from Slovenia:

  • Aerodrom Ljubljana
  • Jože Pučnik Airport
  • Brnik Airport
  • Letališle Brnik
  • Airport Brnik
  • Letališče Jožeta Pučnika

Don’t let the many names for Ljubljana Airport confuse you as they all refer to the same Ljubljana Airport. Furthermore, there is only one Ljubljana Aiport so no worries. The chances of you getting lost at another airport are practically non-existent. Slovenians will understand which airport in Ljubljana you are looking for if you say Ljubljana Airport or any of the listed names above.

Where is the Ljubljana Airport?

Ljubljana Airport is only 25 kilometers from the Ljubljana city center. Like we said before, Ljubljana Airport is about 30 minutes from Ljubljana, which is the capital city of Slovenia. 30 minutes if you take the car, of course, going to or from Ljubljana Airport by bus will take you anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the bus stops and traffic of course, which can be an issue during the rush hour and on the weekends.

Traveling to and from Ljubljana Airport by bus

The easiest way to get to Ljubljana Airport or from it is by taking the bus. The cost of the one way trip to Ljubljana Airport will cost you around 4 euros. The journey to or from Ljubljana Airport shouldn’t take you more than an hour. The busses from the Ljubljana Airport are run by Nomago. They have a regular bus line to and from Ljubljana Airport, which runs every day. Getting to Ljubljana Airport with Nomago starts at the main bus station located in the city center in Ljubljana. The main bus station in Ljubljana is also known as Avtobusna postaja Ljubljana, or Ljubljana AP, which is in front of the train station (Železniška postaja Ljubljana). You can purchase the bus ticket online or at the bus station, but make sure to check their opening hours beforehand. In some cases, you can also purchase the ticket from the bus driver on the spot before getting to Ljubljana Airport.

Check their schedule here.

Traveling to and from Ljubljana Airport by taxi

Traveling to and from Ljubljana Airport by taxi can be a bit more expensive in comparison to traveling to and from Ljubljana Airport. Traveling to and from Ljubljana Airport by taxi will take you around 30 minutes and it will cost you around 25-35 euros. Taxis can be found at the Ljubljana Airport or can be booked in advance or called on demand. Whatever you prefer.

Traveling to and from Ljubljana Airport by shuttle bus

Another easy way to get to and from Ljubljana Airport is by booking a shuttle bus. There are many shuttle services in Slovenian, which will get you to and from Ljubljana Airport. Shuttle service in Slovenia will get you from door-to-door. Using the shuttle service to get to and from Ljubljana Airport is a great option when you are traveling in a group. Booking a shuttle service to get to and from Ljubljana Airport will cost you around 10 euros per person. The main companies are GoOptiNomagoMarkun ShuttleMNJtransfer, and ZUP Prevozi. Such companies also offer transport to other locations within Slovenia, as well as into neighboring countries.

Traveling to and from Ljubljana Airport by car

Traveling to and from Ljubljana Airport by car will take you 30 minutes. Driving to the airport from Ljubljana you want to get on the A2/E61 and follow it all the way there, roughly heading north going to Brnik. If starting from the Ljubljana city center then you’ll need to head to freeway E70/A1 first (for which you will need a vignette), going north to Kranj, then turn onto the A2/E61.

Renting a car at Ljubljana Airport

There are many companies from which you can rent a car at Ljubljana Airport. You can choose from both international and local car rental companies. Renting a car in Slovenia is an easy thing and can be done on the spot at the Ljubljana Airport. Make sure you check the rules of driving before heading on the streets with your rental car in Ljubljana. Double-check if you have al the necessary documents fro renting a car and if the rental car has a vignette, otherwise you will have to avoid the highways in order to not get a hefty fine.

Parking at Ljubljana Aiport

If you’re driving to the Ljubljana airport in your own car, then you’ll need parking, and the Ljubljana airport has one multi-story and two cheaper outdoor options for parking your car at Ljubljana Airport, with well over 3,000 spaces. The cost is 2 euros an hour for the outside and 2.5 euros for the inside spaces, with long term options available at the Ljubljana Airport.

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