First Michelin Stars in Slovenia 2020 – Restaurants received 6 Michelin stars in their first year


The wait is finally over as the prestigious french restaurants guide Michelin finally revealed the first-ever Michelin Stars in Slovenia.

Last November it was announced by the Slovenian Tourist Board that Michelin Guide, as well as the prestigious Michelin Stars, are coming to Slovenia and will be releasing its famous and first Slovenian Michelin Guide in March of 2020. The arrival of the renowned Michelin restaurant guide was presented at last year’s edition of Days of Slovenian Tourism and is the result of important steps that Slovenian gastronomy has made in the field of development and increasing the recognition and reputation of Slovenia as a destination for top gastronomic experiences.

Michelin Guide was supposed to unravel the first Michelin Stars in Slovenia back in March, however, due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the reveal and release of the Michelin Guide in Slovenian were postponed until further notice. It wasn’t until the middle of May that the famous french restaurant guide Michelin together with the Slovenian Tourist Board (Slovenska turistična organizacija) announced that they will be announcing Slovenian Michelin Star recipients on June, 16th at 11 am.

The anticipation over the last few weeks grew steadily both in the restaurant kitchen as well as among the culinary enthusiasts in Slovenia. The arrival of the Michelin guide to Slovenia represents a great opportunity for Slovenia to increase its profile as a top gastronomic destination and to raise the quality of Slovenian gastronomy, and for the most excellent Slovenian restaurants a unique opportunity to gain the Michelin star they been dreaming about.

The printed version of the red Michelin guide in Slovenia will be published this year, which further emphasizes the importance of gastronomy as a key development and promotion theme of Slovenian tourism in 2020 and 2021, especially since both gastronomic and touristic sectors were hit hard during the epidemic.

Recipients of Michelin Stars Slovenia

The wait is finally over and we are happy to announce who are the first-ever receipts of the Michelin stars in Slovenia. Michelin Guide inspectors were impressed with Slovenia, both as a country but also with the restaurants, where they enjoyed their meals. What impressed them, even more, was the sustainability factor.

One Michelin starred restaurants in Slovenia: Gregor Vračko from Hiša Denk, Tomaž Kavčič from Gostilna pri Lojeztu – Dvorec Zemono, Uroš Štefelin from Vila Podvin, Uroš Fakuč from Restavracija Dam and Jorg Zupan from Atelje. Photo: Bobo

The first-ever Michelin star recipients in Slovenia are Hiša Denk with Gregor Vračko, Gostilna pri Lojzetu – Dvorec Zemono and Tomaž Kavčič, Vila Podvin and Uroš Štefelin, Restavracija Dam with head chef Uroš Fakuč, and Restavracija Atelje with the head chef Jorg Zupan. Two Michelin stars goes to Hiša Franko in Ana Roš.

Learn more about the Michelin stars in Slovenia and the restaurants who received the Michelin Stars in Slovenia, here.

Two Michelin stars go to Ana Roš with Valter Kramar from Hiša Franko Photo: Bobo

The sustainability awards from Michelin go to: Gostišče Grič with Luka Košir, Monstera Bistro with Bine Volčič, Hiša Franko Ano Roš, Gostilna Krištof, Gostilna Mahorčič an gostilna za gradom.

Michelin Plate went to ošterija Debeluh, gostilna Vovko, gostilna Francelj, Dvor Jezeršek, Gredič, Hiša Torkla, restavracija hotela Marina, gostilna na gradu, gostilna Krištof, Pavus, As, Harfa, B restavracija, restavracija CUBO, Maxim restavracija, JB restavracija, Monstera Bistro, restavracija Separe, restavracija Shambala, restavracija Strelec, Sushimama, Valvasor, Vander in restavracija Mak, restavracija Sedem, restavracija Calypso, Pikol, Hiša Fink, Grad Otočec, Galerija Okusov, Stara gostilna, Rizibizi, Hiša Krasna, Danilo, Kendov dvorec.

Bib Gourmand goes to gostišče Grič, gostilna Rajh, gostilna na Gradu, gostilna Mahorčič, gostilna Repovž, gostilna Evergreen Smlednik, gostilna Ruj, Etna, and gostilna Jožef.

The arrival of the Michelin Guide is an opportunity for even greater quality in Slovenian gastronomy, as well as for other providers in the direction of creating and upgrading the complementary offer at the destination. Namely, it has been proven that the destinations have increased the number of visitors, their consumption, and overnight stay due to the Michelin-starred restaurants. Michelin stars are a motivation for raising quality and developing other tourist offers in the destination, and their positive impact can be seen in other sectors, too. The practice has shown that an individual successful restaurant can lift the entire local economy.

Michelin Guide and Michelin Stars in Slovenia, but what do Slovenian chefs think about them?

Gastronomy has always been one of the key elements in promoting Slovenian tourism. As such, it has been recognized by various stakeholders in the Slovenian tourism industry, who have united themselves in the vision of the development of Slovene tourism in the direction of unique sustainable boutique 5-star experiences. 

Recently we have set down with Slovenian chefs to talk about the arrival of Michelin in Slovenia.

We asked Tomaž Kavčič, Ana RošJanez BratovžLuka KoširČrt ButulBine VolčičMarko Pavčnik, Grega RepovžIgor Jagodic, Mojmir Šiftar and Matej Tomažič about the arrival of Michelin in Slovenia and with kind of an impact, the famous French guide named after a tire – Michelin will have on Slovenian gastronomy.

All of these Slovenian chefs and their Slovenian restaurants have been recognized as creme de la creme at this year’s The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020. Learn more about this year’s winners of The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020 here.

Slovenian Michelin Stars and those across the Slovenian border

With all the talk about the first-ever Michelin stars in Slovenia, we must not forget there is an amazing chef who lives just a short drive away from the Slovenian border with Italy you will find a Michelin starred restaurant La Suibida, where our fellow Slovene Joško Sirk holds the prestigious honor that is the Michelin Star. Read more about the first Slovenian Michelin Star across the Slovenian border.

There are currently over 2000 restaurants around the world, who are the proud recipients of (one, two,or even three) Michelin star(s).

While we just received our first Michelin Guide in Slovenia, countries around Slovenia already have a few Michelin starred restaurants. Slovenia is the last one to receive the famous red restaurants guide Michelin. Discover which restaurants across the Slovenian border have Michelin stars and were featured in Michelin Guide.

The Michelin Guide just unveiled the new selection for the fourth edition of the MICHELIN Guide Croatia 2020 in March.

Best Slovenian restaurants

Two weeks before the Michelin Guide in Slovenia reveal, we hosted the fourth annual The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020. Due to the restrictions on public gatherings this year’s The Slovenia Restaurant Awards were held online in the form of a virtual ceremony together with amazing chefs like Ana Roš, Tomaž Kavčič,and Uroš Štefelin. Make sure you check out the best Slovenian restaurants and the winners of this year’s The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020.