Top Experiences: rafting in Slovenia


One of the best ways to discover the wilderness of Slovenia is by going rafting. Rafting in Slovenia is one of the top experiences. By going rafting in Slovenia you will experience the crystal-clear waters and the richness of Slovenia’s rivers.

Did you know that Slovenia has nearly 30,000 kilometers of watercourses, the highest in Europe compared to its surface area? The crystal-clear Slovenian waters and rivers have proven themselves as a true magnet for everyone looking for refreshing adventures and a healthy dose of adrenaline. Rafting, kayaking, and canyoning are among the most popular activities and many tourists have ranked all of them as top experiences every person should try at least once while visiting Slovenia. We often get asked how to spend active holidays in Slovenia.

Rafting can be an amazing experience in Slovenia for the whole family! It may not be as adrenaline-filled as canyoning per se, but you still might want to hold on to your life jacket and paddle as it can be a bumpy (river) ride.

Rafting in Slovenia

Feel your adrenalin pumping in excitement. Rafting in Slovenia can be quite an adventurous experience. But no worries, Slovenian rivers enable safe rafting as long as you follow the instructions provided by the rafting agencies that organize rafting in Slovenia.

In Slovenia, you can choose from wilder rivers to raft on or if you are traveling with smaller children you can always opt for more calm rivers, who are just as enjoyable.

What do you need to go rafting in Slovenia? You don’t need any equipment with you. So pack lightly for rafting in Slovenia. The Slovenian rafting agencies that organize descents provide all the necessary equipment and transportation. Rafting in Slovenia is one of the top experiences.

Now let’s hop on a raft and start exploring the wild waters of Slovenia!

Rafting on the River Soča

The most popular location for rafting is Soča Valley, as the River Soča provides the perfect conditions for a thrilling ride with the raft. Rafting on River Soča usually begins in April and lasts till October.

The wildest and most breathtaking adventures await you on the emerald mountain beauty. This will without a doubt be the top experience in Slovenia for you. Trust us, we have tried rafting on Soča River before and we can totally confirm this. Rafting on River Soča is a great option for those who don’t want to go kayaking by themselves. Rafting on River Soča is suitable for beginners as well as for children from the age of 5.

Rafting on Sava Dolinka

They say rafting will wake up all your senses. Rafting on Sava Dolinka includes overcoming rapids and enjoying your time in the Slovenian untouched nature. Rafting on Sava Dolinka is appropriate for all generations. Near Radovljica Sava Dolinka becomes one with Sava Bohinjka, which is River Sava.

Rafting on Sava Bohinjka

Rafting on Sava Bohinjka will take you through the Gorenjska region. This rafting experience in Slovenia is perfect for all who are searching for a bit of an adrenaline rush. Discover the beauty of Sava Bohinjka in the Gorenjska region this summer and see why rafting in Slovenia is a top experience. The most challenging section of rafting on Sava Bohinjka will be between Soteska nd Bohnjska Bela. Hold on tight!

Rafting on River Sava

River Sava will provide you with a slightly calmer current most of the time. In the spring, River Sava can have a stronger current due to the melting snow. However, it is still not as wild as the currents on the Soča River. Rafting on River Sava will provide your whole family with top experience in Slovenia.

You will experience some rapids while rafting on River Sava. Rafting on River Sava has several entry points. They are lined up from Lake Bohinj, Lake Bled and some are even closer to the capital city of Ljubljana.

Rafting on River Sava is a perfect option for beginners, families, or those who are not looking for an extreme amount of adrenaline. Rafting in Slovenia on River Sava is suitable for all generations also children of all ages with slow-motion through some parts to allow safe passage.

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Rafting on River Savinja

Rafting on River Savinja can be just as adventures as rafting on Soča River, or at least that’s what people say. Jump in the raft and tackle the white waters in the Logar Valley or in Luče, where they provide rafting on River Savinja. The upper stream of River Savinja is great for those wanting more adventure, whilst around Luče the river widens and becomes slower.

Rafting on Kolpa River

Kolpa River forms a natural border between Slovenia and Croatia. Did you know some parts of the Kolpa River are completely unspoiled?

Rafting on the Kolpa River is a top experience for those who want to go rafting in Slovenia. The starting point for rafting on Kolpa River is in Osilnica, a small town just by the border with Croatia. Rafting on Kolpa River will take you through some rapids towards Brod na Kolpi. While rafting on Kolpa River you will cross the border with Croatia on numerous occasions. No worries, you don’t need your passport with you while rafting on Kolpa River.

Rafting on Krka River

Rafting on the Krka River usually takes place between the villages of Smihel and Žužemberk. The Krka River provides you with magnificent sights by the Riverside. Rafting on Krka river will provide you with a bit of sightseeing as well as you will pass many historic and cultural sights on your rafting voyage. Make sure to stop by the grand waterfalls on the Krka River as they are beautiful to look at.