TOP Ljubljana & Central Slovenia restaurants of 2020


Find out which top restaurants from Ljubljana & Central Slovenia qualified The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020!

Slovenia capital, Ljubljana and its surroundings offer their visitors numerous opportunities to spend their holidays, explore, and enjoy. This region borders on all other main Slovenia regions which are represented even in gastronomy. On the north and west, you can feel Alpine and Mediterranean influence while on East gastronomy is influenced by the Thermal Panonina region.

On the South, the region extends to the Croatian border where you can enter the kingdom of the brown bear in the forests of the Kočevsko region, learn about the tradition of herdsmen or visit charming historical towns inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Here is a selection of TOP Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia restaurants in the region selected by The Slovenia Restaurant Awards:


This elegant restaurant and wine bar is a great place to enjoy a drink and gourmet nibbles while soaking up the atmosphere of Ljubljana’s Old Town – either outside on the narrow cobbled street or inside under the restored red brick ceilings and glowing Edison lights. The menu at one of the most romantic restaurants in Slovenia is primarily focussed on traditional cuisine from the coastal region of Istria, with a diverse selection of hot and cold dishes that all pair well with the extensive wine list, the latter coming as no surprise since the place happens to be run by Matjaž Čok of the winemaking Čok family, who also supply the olive oil and brandies.


Indulge in a culinary indulgence with grilled specialties as you would at grill restaurants in Argentina. Indigenous meat is freshly sourced and prepared on a real Argentinean grill, in which the embers of tropical timber trees Algarrobo, quebracho Blanco and beech. Top chefs prepare traditional Argentinian recipes for you on typical grills, especially from Argentina, in which gives the food a very unique, unique taste. The habitat of Argentine cattle is the pompous, endless prairies full of fertile cereal fields and lush green meadows where cattle and horses herds graze freely. They are cared for by ravens, legendary wild riders who are known as the best experts in breeding cattle.


Nestled on the top of the InterContinental Ljubljana,  spans the entire 20th floor of the building and includes a restaurant, an outdoor terrace, and a bar. The bar & restaurant have a spectacular 360-degree view overlooking the old town Ljubljana with the castle on one side and the Alps on the other. The open kitchen gives the guest a peek into the process of creating of culinary masterpieces where the international kitchen and local flavors blend seamlessly. The menu is elegant, yet recognizable and approachable, celebrating the vast range of Slovenian produce and products. Being so close to both the mountains and the sea, Ljubljana gives the Chef incredible access to the best of both worlds.


The new Boschtiz Cafe, Bistro and Bar in Šiška, Ljubljana serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and other drinks. They start early, and when you wonder if there is anything open in Šiška, you can count on Boschtiz. In the evening, the lights dim and the café turns into a true cocktail bar with a wide range of beverages, including a particularly wide selection of rum, including species that have never entered the Slovenian soil before.

Danilo – gostilna & vinoteka

Danilo – Gostilna & Vinoteka, is a charming restaurant and winery found in Škofija Loka. The third generation that has inherited Danilo, brother and sister duo, Gašper and Nina Čarman, continue the establishment’s long tradition of producing delicious traditional dishes with a modern twist, more than living up to its motto ‘tradition, local, modern. Its dishes, which are reasonably priced and delicately plated, include traditional mushroom soup, homemade gnocchi with Slovene mushrooms, a variety of fresh fish and homemade ice cream. Danilo’s extensive wine list boasts over 500 different wines, which have been carefully collected from both Slovene and foreign wineries.

Domačija Javornik

The Javornik homestead lies almost at the source of the Krka River and offers excellent trout. The basic offer of the mentioned farm is linked to Krka, its sports and nutritional mission. The tables are romantically set on a garden by the bank, next to a wooden bridge from which the solar idyll is particularly photogenic.

EK Bistro

You will find the EK Bistro near the Grain Bridge. Its menu includes tasty breakfast and brunch treats, among them the ”French melt” – a sandwich with onion, baked mushrooms, and gruyère cheese, and a strawberry and kale smoothie. All egg dishes such as Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, and Eggs Royale use organic eggs. Every morning the EK Bistro offers freshly baked cinnamon buns and croissants served with home-made marmalade.


Through the windows are the Kamnik Alps and carefully groomed greens, in thick armchairs sip along the back hole, in the middle of the spacious log cabin is a large glass wine cabinet, the light is dark enough to not disturb the view, and the large dining room is fuller than a restaurant in the middle of town.


Gostilna Belšak

Belšak Inn has been located on the premises of Slavko Dom since 1997. The facility is located 11 km from Ljubljana or 4 km from Medvode, in a natural environment at an altitude of 400 m. The building was built by German soldiers during World War II and used as a caravan because the border between Germany and Italy ran along the slopes of the hills. After the war, it was taken over by mountaineers from Medvode and named after Slavko Čarman. Now the inn operates as a family business, offering local and seasonal food.

Gostilna Čubr

For a tranquil taste of splendid Slovene serenity, head out of the city and into the village of Križ, not far from Komenda and Ljubljana’s airport. Here we find Gostilna Čubr, an authentic Slovenian restaurant with almost 300 years of history behind it and plenty more waiting ahead. A family-owned inn specializing in traditional Slovene dishes, Čubr is also a popular spot for celebrations and events, the idyllic nature providing the perfect backdrop to excellent food and equally excellent wine. The restaurant does a fine line in the latter, with annual Beaujolais Nouveau tasting sessions proving particularly popular.

Gostilna Dvor Jezeršek

Generally when a restaurant is awarded a title such as ‘Taste Slovenia – Culinary Centre’, you can be sure that what you will find within will tickle each and every taste bud, and this is for sure true with Dvor Jezeršek. A Slovenian’s Slovenian restaurant in the little village of Cerklje na Gorenjskem just 2km from Ljubljana airport, it has taken the culinary traditions of the country, sprinkled a little modern seasoning and created something excellent.

Gostilna Jakob Franc

One of the most important culinary commandments of modern times is traceability. At Jakob Franc they breed pigs on their own and prepares them for his guests. An eatery that wants to be more traditional than many tourist restaurants in the capital. Most of them have Karstopol art, but at the same time some stews, goulash, sarma, beef salad, beef soup


Gostilna Kovač

The Kovač inn is a true temple of noble traditions, where you could start with an hour of literary history, see fine artwork on the walls, study the heritage of hospitality, taste selected fine dishes and beverages and more. The inn, which was sometimes far out of town, is now an integral part of the Slovenian capital as a veritable green oasis of peace for well-being and a sanctuary of culinary delicacies, homeliness and warmth.

Gostilna Ledinek

Since 1974, the restaurant on top of Šmarna Gora has been serving happy hikers who have reached the summit. The most famous dish here is the rice-based Ričet, which is not unlike risotto. Otherwise, all of the best homemade Slovenian classics can also be had: jota, kranjska klobasa, beef soup, mushroom soup and roast pork with potatoes (some only available at the weekends). Our personal favorite in the summer, though, is the sour milk with buckwheat and bread to dip – you can’t get more rustic Slovenian than that. Of course, even just a beer while reclining on a sun lounger overlooking Ljubljana might well suffice.

Gostilna Mihovec

Only a short drive from Ljubljana, this family-run restaurant with more than a century and a half of tradition offers an excellent combination of modern Slovene cuisine and genuine rural hospitality. Most of the ingredients are not only organic and locally-sourced, but come from the family’s own farm or from their neighbors, a fact which led to Mihovec being one of the original members recognized under the Gostilna Slovenia brand. Often in the evenings, live traditional music is performed, making it a great place to immerse oneself in Slovenia’s rich culture.

Gostilna na Gradu

Decidedly upmarket in appearance and service, the prices are surprisingly modest – especially given the truly unique location and dining experience that goes along with it. Na Gradu’s award-winning chef pride themselves on the expert preparation of Slovenia’s diverse range of traditional dishes, which have been developed over the centuries in the country’s 24 separate gastronomic regions, with nearly all of the ingredients being locally produced.

Gostilna pod Krvavcem

Maybe you want the pleasures of the Krvavec ski resort, you are a passenger of the Brnik airport or a visitor to Cerkelj, where the effort of friendly people is noticed at every turn, the flowering gardens of the facades of houses, the landscaped surroundings, the view of Krvavec and the surrounding hills do not leave you indifferent.

Gostilna Pr Čop

Getaway from everyday worries and experience unforgettable moments in the idyll of Slovenian traditional cuisine, beautiful views of the surrounding hills and authentic hospitality. With the unique culinary experience in a warm and relaxed atmosphere you will be impressed by the first youngest chef in Slovenia, Lojze Čop. The goodies “from the field to the plate” transforms you into top-quality snacks that convince even the most demanding guests.


Gostilna Pr Kopač

Gostilna Pr Kopač is located near Ljubljana and it has more than 150 years of tradition and an original, top-notch culinary offering that is highly tailored to the seasons. The offer of open wines is also excellent, but there may be wines from the wine shop. We offer home-made desserts.

Gostilna Pri Kuklju

Today’s inn retains its 19th-century image. Part of the interior is much older, and so are written sources. It was first mentioned in 1778 when it was said at home in the home of the “Slags”.

Gostilna Repnik

With its high quality, boutique homeliness and additional offer, the Repnik Inn has earned it the quality mark of Gostilna Slovenija, and the world-renowned travel guide Lonely Planet has ranked this inn among the six best pubs in Slovenia in its latest edition. They live and create a tradition, and we have upgraded our ancestral knowledge with modern techniques and aesthetic stimuli. Together, all these ingredients create a dish that will stay in your memory. For a fuller experience, we recommend ordering premium wines from our wine cellar when eating.

Gostilna Skaručna

This tasty inn was opened in the village of the same name just north of Ljubljana by Slavko Žagar Sr back in 1975. To this day Skaručna has the reputation of extravagant experience, going well beyond what is on their plentifully served plates and in their elegant glasses. The owner, Slavko Žagar Jr, is a jolly fellow and exceptional host but also takes his cuisine very seriously. Fresh ingredients come directly from the nearby fields and forests, and even the wood that fires the open-air barbecue is carefully selected. In short, every meal at Skaručna is a unique, and often unforgettable, experience.

Gostilnica 5-6kg

Gostilnica 5 – 6 kg is a gastronomic delight – a restaurant and pizzeria in one – located in the heart of Old Ljubljana, in Gornji trg 23. Location, where carnivores feel at home, and even vegetarians never get bored, creates an unforgettable culinary experience with complete a combination of pleasant ambience, excellent cuisine and friendly staff.


Gostišče Grič

In the village of Šentjošt nad Horjulom is the delightful little inn called Grič. Many places may claim the old ‘traditional food with a modern twist’, but Grič certainly delivers on that promise. It all starts with Luka Košir, one of the best young chefs in Slovenia, who earned his stripes under the mentorship of the famed Janez Bratovž at JB Restaurant. Everything used in their dishes is sourced locally, and the kitchen has a strict zero-waste philosophy, which is made easier by Luka’s novel techniques of fermentation. The emphasis here is on always fresh seasonal dishes, so expect a completely different menu depending on the time of year.

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The Harfa restaurant opened its doors in November 2007. The recipe for the success of the restaurant, in addition to every day, satisfied guests, was also acknowledged by the “Quality Choice in Ljubljana” award, which is awarded by MOL Tourism in order to achieve high standards of service, quality of service and catering facilities. Ljubljana and has been awarded the Harfa Restaurant for all years, since 2010, in the category of top restaurants.

Japonska restavracija Maru

You will not only get sushi at Maru’s Japanese Restaurant. The menu is changed several times a year, thus proving that Japanese cuisine has delicate and mild flavors much more than that. A special experience is just watching what chef Josihiko Fujita and his colleague Masajoshi Tanimizu do with knives. Sashimi grated beneath their fingers, 13 pieces of raw fish – salmon, mackerel and gilthead – squid and shrimp. The gentle tempura promised the crispness of the fried vegetables, squid and shrimp, and the mix from the Japanese fish base dashi was mixed with beer radish.

JB Restavracija

Despite the international renown of the chef and sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurant itself, dining at JB is a surprisingly a down-to-earth experience, thanks in part to the fact that it’s still a family-run affair. The menu features bold and original creations, which combine elements from the Mediterranean, French and classic Slovene cuisine into completely new forms and tastes, and of course, features only the freshest ingredients from Ljubljana’s acclaimed farmers’ markets. For gourmands who fancy delving a bit deeper into the culinary philosophy of Bratovž’s kitchen, dishes are based on the interplay between the four elements (earth, water, air, and fire) as well as the four tastes (sweet, salty, sour and bitter). An offer we can’t refuse indeed!

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Kendov dvorec

A sprawling country manor that dates back to 1377 and was for generations the primary residence of the wealthy Kenda family, the building and surrounding grounds on a small hillock overlooking Spodnja Idrija have been painstakingly restored to their former splendor, while also being enhanced with all of the modern amenities befitting of a five-star boutique hotel.

The restaurant is equally impressive, with exquisite cuisine prepared by the house chef who was formerly awarded the title Chef of Year for Slovenia. The menu is best described as new Slovenian cuisine, but ample traditional influences are also apparent.

Kralj Žara

Discover Kralj Žara Smokehouse for the best Texas and Kansas culinary experience in Ljubljana.

Krtina D’Ampezzo

Some of our pubs have started to develop into friendly pubs where only a few can sleep and chat, or eat and drink. Among them is an oyster with a witty name in the Moravian hills. The Italian restaurant, which is quickly reminiscent of a tourist farm or even a mountain hut, is a friendly house on the hill, which in recent years has begun to attract crowds of food, wine and, most of all, weekends after a modest start.


In their luxurious catering offer at KULT316 restaurant, they will pamper you with delicious dishes from the Osrednjeslovenska gastronomic region, and in the cafe, they serve a diverse range of beverages, drinks, and sweets, which are created in the educational processes at the Biotechnical Educational Center Ljubljana. These include house wine, house beer and a KULT316 house cocktail. They also, arrange an elegant overnight stay in the luxurious double room hotel 316. They serve domestic beer at the first school microbrewery in Slovenia. The driving force behind the KULT316 Center for Culinary and Tourism are students, experts and experts in the fields of food, food, catering and tourism.


Monstera Bistro

The ‘neo-bistro’ concept, where a classically-trained chef leaves behind a grand, often Michelin-starred restaurant to pursue a unique culinary vision at their own establishment, has officially come to Ljubljana. Bine Volčič, one of the best-known chefs in the country, and his wife Katarina run the lovely little Monstera, cheekily named for the tropical plant that was ubiquitous during Yugoslav times – alluding to the fusion of nostalgic tradition and modernity that is the trademark of Bine’s cooking. In lieu of à la carte options, there are weekly set lunches, while dinner consists of a heavenly 7-course chef’s choice tasting menu. The drinks list is equally impressive, with superbly paired wines and specially produced own-label craft beer.

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Okrepčevalnica Čompa

In a city that is famous for its doubtful, tourist-oriented culinary offer, Čompa has established itself as a homemade “birthing house”, succeeding in seemingly simple grilled meats, adding vegetables and buns prepared in the same way. The grill, which smells basically of the Karst, but is constantly being questioned and flirting with modern, local and international cuisine.

Ošterija Pr’Noni

The Luka Gourmet franchise takes care of the cuisine, wines and carefully crafted ambiance of the restaurant. You can find daily snacks and lunches, A’la Carte menus, a wide variety of weekend specials and homemade desserts. There is also a wide selection of fine wines.

Pri žabarju

Pri Žabarju is one of those rare restaurants in Ljubljana that managed to preserve its pure taste and traditional hospitality over the years. At the restaurant, they offer a classical selection of dishes while we follow the contemporary culinary trends, spiced by the colours of the seasons and Slovenian tradition. While you enjoy our exquisite dishes, you can improve your culinary experience by trying our selection of wines, locally produced by the best Slovene winemakers.

Restavracija As

One of Slovenia’s first truly world-class designed restaurants when it opened its doors in the center of Ljubljana some two decades ago, in the years since it hasn’t missed a beat, still serving some of the very best Mediterranean-inspired cuisines in the city. Some of the standouts on the menu are the seafood specialties, served as both starters and main courses. Gostilna As also serves a range of steaks that are grilled to order on an open fire. When in doubt over what to eat, one can rely on the friendly staff for recommendations, as well as for guidance with the equally excellent wine list.

Restavracija Atelje

The food in Atelje is a product of teamwork in the kitchen, whether its the creative or the actual technical process of cooking. They pride themselves on cooking in a natural way, using local ingredients, keeping up with the season and making about 90% of our products in house. Sometimes they get inspiration from old traditional Slovenian recipes, sometimes they take a different approach.

Restavracija Cubo

Cubo’s location outside of the city center doesn’t stop those foreigners and locals who appreciate good food and atmosphere from turning up here in droves every day. Taking the very best of the dining experience from décor to service to of course the food, they’ve come up with a truly inspiring place indeed. Opting for a minimalist approach with lots of dark woods and cool greys, the setting attracts everyone from business professionals to families who come to feast on a regularly changing menu of dishes including many inspired from Italy and the Mediterranean.


Restavracija Maxim

Maxim’s culinary experience is for gourmets, connoisseurs and people who appreciate the selected flavors of fresh local ingredients. An experienced team of chefs, confectioners, bakers and oenologists create sophisticated gourmet masterpieces. Their joint creation is based on an original blend of quality and top-notch flavors into a harmonious culinary experience.

Maxim’s menu is made up of gourmet and a la carte dishes, many of which are made daily. Their inspiration comes from the daily fresh ingredients, so only a waiter can trust you when ordering. While eating, the waiters will also advise you on the wine accompaniment. Maxim’s range of fine wines includes more than 200 of the most prestigious wines from all the wine regions of the world.

Restavracija Slon 1552

The culinary image of the Slon 1552 restaurant is shaped by dishes from Slovenian and Mediterranean cuisine, prepared according to traditional recipes and supplemented with modern culinary guidelines. We want to make the most of the top ingredients and give our guests a true culinary experience with the accompaniment of top quality wines, which are served on glass without exception.

Restavracija Strelec

Perched high up in the archer’s tower of Ljubljana’s grand castle, Strelec overlooks the city from a spectacular position. The interior has a modern flair, with walls that are half exposed, showing the old stone, and half covered with ancient and medieval-style illustrations. Historically reminiscent dishes of gourmet modernity are crafted with ingredients from Ljubljana’s famed market by the star of the show: Igor Jagodic. Recognized as one of the top chefs in Slovenia, he has received numerous awards for his dedication and love for his craft. He, and the rest of the team at Strelec, constantly strive for perfection and their passion is to create high-quality cuisine, where only the best is good enough.

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The first – and for a long time only – Japanese restaurant in Slovenia, the small and intimate Sushimama’s interesting little touches beyond the actual food include a subscription to Wallpaper magazine and the brave act of putting the head Japanese sushi chef Hiroki Ishikawa on display as he works in the restaurant. The extensive menu features every Japanese favorite from soups to noodle soups, a number of delicate rice and noodle-based dishes to of course the sushi itself. Complimented by an extensive list of cocktails and wines, the restaurant is marking its territory as the first and finest of its kind.


At TaBar they like to believe Slovenia is much like Spain in this particular aspect. Settled in between famous Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and the Mediterranean Sea it brings its strong character to the table and builds on the best gastronomic influences that defined its unique place in this world. The result is reflected at TaBar, with its stratified cuisine, a mouthful bit, Slovenian in character, but flexible enough for updating to a modern lifestyle.

TaBar is hence envisioned as a Slovenian tapas and wine bar, where you can enjoy the many special delicacies prepared with a tapas twist and taste a variety of beautiful wines. It is a meeting place with the perfect atmosphere, where fresh local ingredients and good wines are most important and where the open kitchen allows you to get a direct sense of the world of flavor. Set in the heart of Ljubljana’s historic city center you can visit TaBar for a meal, a snack or just a glass of wine.