Danilo – Gostilna & Vinoteka


Danilo – Gostilna & Vinoteka, is a charming restaurant and winery found in Škofija Loka.

The third generation that has inherited Danilo, brother and sister duo, Gašper and Nina Čarman, continue the establishment’s long tradition of producing delicious traditional dishes with a modern twist, more than living up to its motto ‘tradition, local, modern’. Its dishes, which are reasonably priced and delicately plated, include traditional mushroom soup, homemade gnocchi with Slovene mushrooms, a variety of fresh fish and homemade ice cream. Danilo’s extensive wine list boasts over 500 different wines, which have been carefully collected from both Slovene and foreign wineries.



Reteče 48, 4220 Škofja Loka

+386 4 515 34 44; info@danilogostilna.si, www.danilogostilna.si

Chef: Vesna Čarman, Sommelier: Gašper Čarman

Cuisine  traditional Slovenian, modern

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