Gostilna Ledinek

Since 1974, the restaurant on top of Šmarna Gora has been serving happy hikers who have reached the summit. The most famous dish here is the rice-based Ričet, which is not unlike risotto. Otherwise, all of the best homemade Slovenian classics can also be had: jota, kranjska klobasa, beef soup, mushroom soup and roast pork with potatoes (some only available at the weekends). Our personal favorite in the summer, though, is the sour milk with buckwheat and bread to dip – you can’t get more rustic Slovenian than that. Of course, even just a beer while reclining on a sun lounger overlooking Ljubljana might well suffice.


Šmarna Gora 4 Ljubljana-Šmartno

+386 70 852 701


4 / 5

4 / 5