BREAKING NEWS: Slovenian member of Regional Council infected with Coronavirus


The session of the Furlania – Julian Regional Council was canceled after confirmation of a new Coronavirus infection.

Igor Gabrovec, the provincial counselor and the secretary of the party of Slovenian community is confirmed to have the Coronavirus. Due to his infection with Coronavirus the session of the Furlania – Julian Regional Council was canceled. Gabrovec’s infection with Coronavirus brought the total number of confirmed cases with Coronavirus by the Slovenian border to 15 cases.

Source: Bobo

According to local Italian media and the Coastal Journal, a member of the Provincial Council of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and a provincial secretary of the Slovenian Community Party, Igor Gabrovec, became infected with the Coronavirus in Slovenia. The provincial government announced late Tuesday that he has been detained at an infectious disease ward at a Katinara hospital. He had been in the provincial council for some time before that.

Gabrovec, however, recently returned from vacation at Treviso Airport. He explained to the Primorska daily that he did not know where he could become infected because he was meeting people everywhere.

According to last Tuesday’s data, a total of 2263 people have been confirmed with Coronavirus in Italy so far. So far, 79 people have died.

Source: 24ur