The Michelin Guide will reveal the Slovenian recipients of Michelin Stars next week


It is official, the famous French restaurant guide Michelin will be announcing the first-ever Slovenian recipient(s) of Michelin Stars in Slovenia on June 16 2020 at 11 am (CEST) on: FB profile Michelin Guide and, on You Tube and

The French restaurant guide Michelin was supposed to announce the first recipients of Michelin Stars in Slovenia back in March. However, the reveal was postponed due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Slovenska turistična organizacija (Slovenian Tourist Board) just confirmed the new date of the reveal for the first Michelin stars in Slovenia. After weeks of speculation, the suspense is almost over. The Michelin Guide will be revealing the first Slovenian Michelin Star restaurants and chefs on June 16. Get to know the best Slovenian restaurants here.

The heat is now on! Even more so than before. Which Slovenian restaurants will receive the first Michelin stars and how many? Who is the front-runner for three, two or one Michelin stars in Slovenia? Will Slovenia even receive a Michelin star restaurant in the first year? Who will get the honorary Michelin bib Gourmand in Slovenia?

As you can see there are many questions remaining unanswered. Less than a month from now, we will have all the answers to these questions above. Make sure to stay tuned as we will keep you posted when the Michelin guide reveals their decision on who gets the first Michelin stars in Slovenia.

Which Top Slovenian restaurants will receive Michelin stars (and how many)?

The temperatures (in the best Slovenian restaurants) are definitely rising and will continue to rise until the 16th of June the Michelin guide will officially announce who will be the first Slovenian chefs to receive their Michelin stars in 2020, who will get recommended by the Michelin guide and the recipient of Bib Gourmand. Get to know the best Slovenian restaurants here.

Read below how is the front-runner to receive the first Michelin star in Slovenia. Which Slovenian restaurant will receive its first Michelin star in June? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to know.

Michelin Guide Slovenia: What do Slovenian chefs think about the Michelin stars?

Recently we have set down with Slovenian chefs to talk about the arrival of Michelin in Slovenia.

We asked Tomaž Kavčič, Ana RošJanez BratovžLuka KoširČrt ButulBine VolčičMarko Pavčnik, Grega RepovžIgor Jagodic and Matej Tomažič about the arrival of Michelin in Slovenia and with kind of an impact, the famous French guide named after a tire – Michelin will have on Slovenian gastronomy. Read their interviews and statements about the famous French guide and their evaluation of restaurants below.

Get to know the best Slovenian restaurants here.

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