TOP 5 Most Instagrammable Lakes in Slovenia


Slovenia is known for its amazing and picturesque lakes. If you are looking for an amazing photo opportunity at Slovenian Lakes, here are our top 5 most Instagrammable lakes.


A lake of unique mountain reflections

The picturesque Lake Jasna lies at the confluence mountain streams Mala and Velika Pišnica. It is one of the most recognizable and popular sights of Kranjska Gora.

The lake boasts magnificent backdrop scenery of two striking mountains Razor and Prisank, so a stroll around the lake is a true feast for the eyes and a heaven for photographers. If you pay close attention, you will also be able to see the famous Prisank window, one of the largest natural windows in Slovenia. At the spot, you can take unforgettable photos with Kosobrin from Kekec, the well-recognized youth literature tale, or next to a proud bronze statue of a Capricorn.

Lake Jasna truly is one of the most Instagrammable lakes in Slovenia.


A charming lake that looks amazing at any time of the year!

In the second place of Slovenian most Instagrammable lakes is lake Bohinj. Of glacial origins, lake Bohinj is the largest lake in Slovenia. It lies in the heart of Triglav National Park (TNP) and is one of the most beloved natural sights, as well as one of the most popular lakes in Slovenia. With its size, it offers a multitude of ways for actively spending leisure time, in and around the water, in all seasons of the year.

A truly picturesque pathway surrounds the lake Bohinj

The walking path surrounding the lake is some 12 kilometers long – you can walk, run, or take a bike, in any case, you will have a great time. But don’t forget to stop and take pictures on your way.  


Lake Bled looks like it comes from a fairytale!

The most famous Slovene poet France Prešeren, wrote the following words about the lake in his epic poem The baptism at Savica: ˝…the land of Carniola has no nicer place than this image of paradise with its surroundings˝.  And we couldn’t agree more! Lake Bled is truly one of the most Instagrammable lakes in Slovenia.

Lake Bled is the biggest tourist attraction in Slovenia. With the world’s only natural island on a freshwater lake, it serves as a true icon for Slovenes. The lake is of glacial origin and is relatively young at ˝just˝ 9000 years.

The perfect photo trip at lake Bled

Its beauty shines especially bright if you mount one of the hills surrounding the lake: mt. Ojstrica or the twin peaks of Mala or Velika Osojnica. You’ll observe a charming view of the lake, with its island, castle and surrounding snow-covered mountains. What a perfect opportunity to take a picture or even a selfie! If you are not in it for a short hike to mt. Osojnica we recommend you take your camera and walk around lake Bled. The path is around six kilometers long and you will be able to take a photo of islands every angle.


On the fourth place of most Instagrammable lakes in Slovenia is Planšarsko lake or Lake Planšar, located in wonderful Jezersko, is a heart-shaped lake, made by the locals to commemorate a large glacial lake, which gave Jezersko its name. Cute, isn’t it? To truly capture the shape of the lake we recommend using a drone.

The lake has been inspiring for decades and centuries!

We are sure it will inspire you too, to take some amazing pictures with mountains as the perfect backdrop.


A turquoise lake with uniquely blithering volcanoes!

Zelenci or Zelenci Nature Reserve, an emerald lake on the northern edge of the Triglav National Park, are the remnants of a large former Podkoreško lake.

The water is crystal clear and we can see right to the bottom of the lake, which is up to two meters deep. The trout and some endangered animal and plant species live in the Zelenci Nature Reserve. So make sure you have your camera ready if you want to catch them in action. At the spot, you will be able to visit the lookout tower from which you can get the perfect photo of Zelenci with the tall mountains in the background.

It is a very popular and Instagrammable spot for photography lovers as the lake is extremely picturesque and generous with all the shades of green.

Summarized by the author of the book, Slovenia Lakes, Manca Korelc.

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