Weekend Food Festival in Rovinj 2024


Rovinj is just a short drive from Slovenia, about 2 hours, and it is a perfect weekend getaway or even just an idea for a day trip. If you are looking for a cool event happening this weekend, don’t miss out this gastronomy event!

From 19th to 21st of April, the old Tobacco Factory in Rovinj was a gathering place for all those united by a passion for flavors and gourmet experiences.

This year’s three-day event, the Weekend Food Festival, attracted more than 2500 visitors. They had the opportunity to meet top culinary experts such as Hrvoje Zirojević and Boris Šuljić, and listen to their inspiring stories about gastronomy. Event highlights included challenges in sourcing local ingredients, the need for qualified workforce, and the development of restaurant visiting culture.

A panel titled “Twenty Years at the Top” brought together four culinary giants who shared their experiences and advice, emphasizing the importance of enthusiasm in the industry. The chefs emphasized that in fine dining, the story of food and experience takes precedence over mere profit. Discussions also revolved around the lack of Michelin-starred restaurants in certain cities, such as Belgrade, and the importance of authenticity and quality in gastronomy.

The festival also revealed what goes on behind the scenes of a culinary TV show and emphasized the importance of a positive experience for viewers. In addition to wonderful food and entertainment, visitors enjoyed various activities such as show cooking and masterclasses.

The third Weekend Food Festival offered a rich culinary experience and enjoyment for all participants, and more information can be found on the official website and social media platforms.

Here are some highlights from this year’s Weekend Food Festival Rovinj 2024:

Rovinj, a charming coastal town nestled on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, welcomes visitors and locals alike to indulge in a culinary extravaganza at the Weekend Food Festival, one of the biggest and most important gastronomy festivals. This event is a celebration of Istrian gastronomy, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the region in a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

The most content-rich Weekend Food Festival to date will open up numerous current gastronomic topics, bring attractive show-cooking workshops and masterclasses for which there is high demand, and provide plenty of entertainment in one place.

One such mega-successful local story that has crossed borders is about Boogie Lab, a craft bakery, bistro, and bar all in one, founded by Mladen Vidović and Karlo Vulin. Boogie Lab is known for its excellent food and tasty bread, as well as great music, and they will share their journey from Pakoštane through Zagreb to New York in a conversation with the director of the Weekend Food Festival, Tom Ricov. What lies behind the phenomenon of Belgrade’s gastronomic scene, how long the journey to success lasted, and why many seek inspiration in that city will be discussed by Goran Kovačević from Atoll Hotel Management, Dimitrije Acevski, executive chef at Karisma Hotels & Resorts, Aleksandar Vasiljević, general manager of Hilton Hotels, and Saša Pejić, CEO of the BQ Restaurant Group, which includes the popular Lafayette.

We will learn about what happens behind the spotlight of culinary shows and why they have become so popular from Filip Ćirić, a MasterChef Serbia jury member, Dinko Paleka, executive producer of MasterChef Croatia, and Ivana Bekavac, sous chef of Hell’s Kitchen Croatia, on the panel “Behind the Scenes of Culinary Shows.

Photo moments from Weekend Food Festival 2023
Photo moments from Weekend Food Festival 2023

Why is it difficult to find a waiter nowadays, why a real waiter cannot just be a person who brings and takes food and drinks but must also be a merchant and a psychologist who knows the boundary between desires and feasibility? The occupation that many misunderstand will be discussed on the panel “His Majesty – Waiter,” where numerous current issues will be debated by Alen Jerkunica, dean of Aspira University, and Davor Bienenfeld, owner of the Asian restaurant Izakaya. The positive and negative aspects of working with family members will be discussed by Mladen Roxanich from Roxanich Winery and Igor Čimbur, owner of Baltazar.

In addition to the stages, part of the Weekend Food Festival program will take place in additional spaces, one of which is the Make It Count Bar, where Coffee Talk with Niko Orosi, owner of Eliscaffe, Wine Talk with Irena and Bruno Trapan from Trapan Vina, Rakija Talk with Dejan Rakija Veljović, and guests will be prepared.

Photo moments from Weekend Food Festival 2023
Photo moments from Weekend Food Festival 2023

The Weekend Food Festival will also host the METRO Junior Top Chef competition for young chefs. Young talents have already passed several rounds of the competition and will cook in front of the jury in Rovinj, with the top five contestants receiving valuable prizes, including the opportunity for further training and internships with the fantastic chef Alejandro Serrano, the youngest chef with a Michelin star in Spain, who is also one of the panelists at the Weekend Food Festival.

A special focus of this year’s festival is on the Weekend Food Market, where all visitors can enjoy a rich selection of local specialties and international dishes. Many family farms (OPGs) will also be presented at the Weekend Food Market. Entry to the Weekend Food Market is open to all visitors, while those who wish to attend lectures, panels, workshops, and masterclasses will enter with a fee.

Photo moments from Weekend Food Festival 2023

Tickets are still available for purchase at www.weekendfoodfestival.com, and you can follow all the news on the official Facebook and Instagram channels.