TOP 5 Slovenian gifts for him


TOP 5 Slovenian gifts for him

Do you want something special for the special man in your life? Look no further than our online shop – we have an array of gifts made right here in Slovenia! Here are our top five picks for him to enjoy:

1. The Slovenia Restaurant Book

Slovenia Restaurants’ book features the very best in Slovenian dining, chefs, and restaurants. We revealed the very best restaurants all over Slovenia in a comprehensive guide to the best regional and national restaurants in Slovenia.

A perfect gift to plan out your next culinary experience or adventure. We are positive this book will make your decision making much easier – at least when it comes to planning a nice lunch or a romantic dinner. Mark out your favorite restaurants as a hit to where you want to dine next with your loved one.

The book is available in Slovenian & English language.

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2. GERUŠ herbal liqueur gift set

geruš TOP 5 Slovenian gifts for him

Geruš is an old bitter wormwood drink that made the knaps feel cheerful, relieved and relieved of their daily mining problems.

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3. The Slovenia Lakes

The book is most genuine book about lakes. It is not a tourist guide, more a long poem for the lakes. It is written in Slovene and English language on close to 300 pages.

The Slovenia Lakes book will present the biggest, the deepest, the highest and the lowest lake in Slovenia. You will meet some special places in Slovenia, called just like the lakes.

We will introduce you to heart shape lakes, intermittent lakes, underground lakes and the most interesting tales around lakes. Did you know that Slovenia is a land of dragons?

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4. Oskar Kogoj Gift Set with beer and chocolate

oskar kogoj beer and chocolate

Oskar Kogoj designed a beer mug for all beer lovers, wich combines the tradition of ancient Slavs and beer brewing in Slovenia. Every beer mug is manually pumped out by glass masters from Steklarna Rogaška. We added Bevog Baja beer and Blonde Caree chocolate, which give a unique experience. Chocolate Blonde Caree is white chocolate with black salt, baked nuts and indian nuts, which are perfectly attached to the mug of dark beer.

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5. Emanuela Champagne (Kunej)

Emanuela sparkling wine is a dry sparkling wine of the Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon varieties produced according to the classical method. The bottles are aged for at least 24 months. The sparkling wine boasts a sophisticated ripe buké with fruity notes and tastes pleasant, fresh and full at the same time.

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