TOP Slovenia Interview: SARA VALENCI


The supersonic taste of the future. Generally not necessarily bright, but for the fashion language of Sari Valenci definitely bringing an elastic carrier of undisrupted prosperity.

The future is now. Especially when you talk to Sari or wear her creations. What’s your favourite movie?

Funny that you ask, since I think I don’t have a “fav”, but it is true that my last collection was inspired by a movie. Zardoz (1974), movie by J. Boorman, with main actor, young Sean Connery takes us to a quirky future of 2293. Costumes and scenography are definitely memorable in this one; they seem so wrong but yet so right. Though I can’t deny I am living for the 5th element too (laughs).

Have the gender blenders finally erased all the frontiers (at least as fashion is concerned)?

I think there are still some restrictions regarding man wearing womenswear, but definitely there’s no boundaries with women wearing menswear. Although I thing men’s crop top is making its return. (In my head imagining Caught in the act – Love is everywhere).

You have a distinct logic for colours. Have you adopted it as a kid in the nineties? Or is the childhood irrelevant?

I always lived for the colours and odd pattern combinations. I remember I was picked at school for wearing too much colour, but that has never actually stopped me. I guess I am keeping the child in me alive.

You flirt with sports, but in a non-sporty way. Do you like the image of sportswear or also the functionality; do you adapt both features to your designs?

Yes, the main drive of my brand is to design functional art. Clothes which are functional but disguised in attractive aesthetic. Especially since I am mostly designing for men I have noticed there is a “loop hole”, since when it comes to sportswear, they don’t have any restriction towards the colour or shape of the garment, in contradiction they even want it crazier. Being rational is about achieving perfection and being emotional is all about embracing imperfection. I try to combine different elements that at first sight don’t make sense rationally but feel right emotionally.

Your fashion is kind of anti-organic. Is it because the best trend is always the one that’s unattainable, as is chemical, industrial, synthetic in the world of “all organic” predominance.

You might be actually right, I have never thought of it in this way. But I mostly think that the “techno period” of my early youth marked me for all my existence, since I can’t avoid returning too bold colours and technology inspired design. Although I would like to fi nd a way of designing that is corresponding aesthetics and sustainability at the same time.

As the future creator, do you use crypto? Do you trade?

Sadly I have no talent when it comes to business. But I am definitely interested to use crypto in the future.