TOP Thermal Pannonian Slovenia restaurants of 2020


Find out which top restaurants from Thermal Pannonian Slovenia qualified The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020!

Eastern Slovenia is a land of wide, open fields and rolling landscapes, storks, wind-rattles, floating mills, healing waters, energy points, picturesque rolling vineyards, unique traditions and dialects, and, most importantly, it’s home to warm and hospitable people. This landscape is rich in natural thermal spas that will strengthen and re-energize you. Discover the friendliness and hospitality of tourism farms, where you can taste local delicacies or enjoy in high-end restaurants and spoil your senses.


Here is a selection of TOP Thermal Pannonian Slovenia restaurants in the region selected by The Slovenia Restaurant Awards:

Domačija Novak

Located in the village of Dvor, just down the Krka river from the fairy tale castle of Žužemberk, the Novak family farm is every bit as magical as its medieval neighbor. The tasting menus are comprised of locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients, much of which is grown in the family’s own organic gardens, while the rest comes from the surrounding wild forests, crystal clear waters of the Krka river or other local farmers.

The wine cellar has an enviable collection of both Slovene and international vintages, with a special focus on organic and macerated wines, and wine lovers will definitely want to opt for wine pairing with each course.
Pre-booking is obligatory.

Domačija Vino Gaube

Enter gastronomic adventures through harmonies of selected natural tastes of your or our choice. Let images speak and invite for themselves!

Galerija okusov

This ‘gallery of flavors’ is aptly named, as its young, passionate team creates works of art on a daily basis in a truly unique atmosphere. Set on the grounds of Novo Celje Mansion, surrounded by hops fields near Žalec in the Lower Savinja Valley, their philosophy is centered on the artful coalescence of various dichotomies – namely, urban and wild, modern and traditional, local and global – which would sound slightly pretentious if it weren’t pulled off with such sincerity, aplomb, and undeniable culinary acumen. All of which was duly recognized at The Slovenia Slovenia Restaurant Awards in 2018, when Galerija Okusov took home the inaugural Vox Popoli prize as the most popular choice of the public.


Gostilna Francl

Regarded by locals as one of the best restaurants in the region, if not the entire country, Gostilna Francl has never left us disappointed and should more or less be considered a must-visit destination on any trip to or near Celje. They prepare a variety of traditional Slovenian and Savinjska cuisine, in addition to some unique creations of their own, and there’s even an ample selection of vegetarian dishes for those who don’t eat meat. Located in a small village on the right bank of the river Savinja a few minutes’ drive south of Celje (just follow the signs), calling ahead for reservations is usually a good idea.

Gostilna Grabar

In a quiet green corner of Ptuj, the Grabar Inn, with modern techniques, creates flavors that come from traditional dishes. Inspired by the freshness of the day and the local environment, we organize an experience on a plate and an unforgettable mouth-watering fun when we combine food with a selected drop of wine from any wine-growing region of Slovenia.

Gostilna in pivnica Stari Pisker

located in the very center of the historical city Celje, which is known after the powerful Counts of Celje, the most important late medieval noble family on the territory of present-day Slovenia. Our coat of arms with the three golden stars on a blue background is inherited from that period. The catering industry takes place at this location for many years, some have succeeded, others failed and made room for us. Tavern and pub Stari pisker opened its doors on October 2012. They have completely overhauled our food & drinks menu as well as altered the whole building to suit our vision and goals. Their vision is very straightforward and has proved to be effective. We offer high quality and distinct culinary experience with matching drinks.

Their gourmet burgers and BBQ ribs are known country-wide as is their offer of imported and domestic aged steaks. They are constantly innovating, experimenting and implementing knowledge from their great grandmothers with new culinary trends.

Gostilna Kunst

The family-fun inn and hotel with 28 beds is located just south of the town of Krško in the eastern region of the country. It welcomes diners and overnight guests with a selection of dishes through a seasonal menu. Their wealth of experience in catering and hospitality spans over five decades and guests are greeted with a warm welcome and can enjoy dining in a comfortable, homely setting. Gostilna Kunst proudly promotes local wines that have been carefully selected to complement their traditional menu.


Gostilna Rajh

A Prekmurje institution that’s been passed down through four generations of the Rajh family, Gostilna Rajh has managed to maintain their tradition and passion for food. Truly a family endeavor, the family’s grandparents are still involved in the restaurant, with both the grandmother’s and mother’s traditional Slovene recipes still lovingly being used today. They are popular with both locals and gourmet lovers, reflecting their achievement of weaving new innovative approaches with their rich heritage. The interior is now also a medley of both traditional Slovene and modern, with wooden panels and one glass wall having black silhouettes of pigs printed on it.

Gostilna Repovž

Sat between Celje and Novo Mesto, Gostilna Repovž is the epitome of comfort. A family affair with over a hundred years of tradition already behind it, the richness of the countryside is multiplied by an awareness of knowledge of food and wine added to superb ingredients straight from the most ecological of farms making a terrific experience all round. Wine is produced in its own vineyards, and there is even three-star accommodation on site for those who fancy drinking more than just a sample.

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Gostilna Ribič

The modest beginnings of the inn date back to 1872, where a popular guesthouse for florists, rafters and marketers grew in the leather district. At the time, we couldn’t say that this was the inn we know today. In those days, it was one of several city bakeries known for its bakery products. Now the responsibility for continuing this rich tradition rests with the Gostilna Ribič and Pan Restaurant.

They are committed to quality, genuine hospitality and culinary creativity that will continue to build the reputation of the Ribič Inn in Ptuj.

Gostilna Šempeter

For many generations, Gostilna Šempeter has been preparing Slovenian and local dishes and thus helping to promote Slovenian cuisine. As a sign of quality and hospitality, we have obtained the right to use the brand name Gostilna Slovenija, which is awarded to the authentic Slovenian inns.

Gostilna Šiker

Alongside the former rural carrier road between Radgona and Maribor, there is a restaurant, where you can quench your thirst and have a good meal. It all began in 1870 when Mihael and Ana Schiker began the story of domestic carriage drivers’ restaurant, which soon became popular among locals and travelers. The wealth of knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, and that is why we are famous for our traditional Slovenian dishes. The house still looks rustic on the outside, while it is discretely modern on the inside. Individuals, couples, groups of friends or business partners, families with friends and children can enjoy their time among barrels and bottles in the two-centuries-old cellar, dining rooms, a special family room, or in the beautiful summer garden, while the children can have fun in our playground.


Gostilna Vovko

The Vovko Inn is a house where more than 40 years of family tradition continue with Rok Vovko with his wife Manca. The beginnings of the inn go back to 1977, when the founders, Rok’s parents, Marina and Anton Vovko opened the door of their house to guests who wanted great food, September wine drops, and hospitality. In 2009, the restaurant officially took over Rok and Manca Vovko. They continue their family mission in constant desire to upgrade their offer and quality. An inn that nurtures its tradition and can bring it closer to both the local guest, the hungry traveler, and the business guest. The awareness that the inn also represents our places of residence is deeply rooted in us. That is why they want to bring our local environment closer and present through food, wine, and a kind word. The focus is on Dolenjska cuisine, where we add a touch of modernity to some dishes, while some leave them as our ancestors have prepared. Gastronomic critics regularly rank Vovko Restaurant among the best in the Dolenjska region and in Slovenia. In 2018, the renowned international gastronomic guide Gault Millau awarded two chefs to the cuisine of the Vovko Inn. Its quality is repeatedly recognized and confirmed by the central Slovene culinary critics.

Hiša Denk

Gregor Vračko’s Hiša Denk should be a permanent fixture on the gastronomic bucket list of any self-respecting foodie visiting Slovenia, or the wider region for that matter. The famed chef has a much deserved reputation for being quite an eccentric – both in and out of the kitchen – and a culinary curriculum vitae that few in the country can rival. He earned his proverbial stripes, or perhaps more appropriately his chef’s whites, working in prestigious kitchens across Europe, eventually ending up in California at Thomas Keller’s French Laundry, long-hailed as one of the best restaurants in the world. Upon returning to Slovenia, Gregor breathed new life into the traditional family gostilna in the village of Zgornja Kungota near Maribor, and the rest as they say is history.

Nowadays Hiša Denk’s premises match the 21st-century food, boasting a modern building constructed in minimalist Scandinavian style, with copious amounts of exposed wood and lots of glass. The individual dishes also have an unmistakably New Nordic cuisine look to them, and might be the closest you’ll get to eat at the legendary Noma without booking a ticket to Copenhagen. Of course, all the ingredients are locally sourced and perceptible homage is paid to regional Štajerska culinary traditions if you look close enough. There’s no menu, so ordering consists simply of choosing the number of courses and leaving the rest up to the chef and the British-born sommelier if you’d like perfectly paired wine with your meal. Increasingly becoming known beyond Slovenia’s borders, Hiša Denk conveniently offers a handful of elegant, minimalist rooms for overnight guests, which are both a great value and the perfect way to round out the experience.

Hiša Fink

In Dolenjska, a bunch of interesting new or refurbished inns have been joined by a house in Novo mesto that works with updated local food and a large wine cellar.

Damjan Fink is a chef and entrepreneur who fights on two fronts. At the Ljubljana Castle, where he patronizes the Slovenian entrepreneur and the Kobarid cook, offering authentic Slovenian cuisine, and more recently in his home town of Novo mesto, where he tries to offer traditional, more or less Dolenjska recipes in a modern way.

Ošterija Debeluh

Considered by those in the know as one of the best restaurants in the region, if not the entire country, Ošterija Debeluh and acclaimed head chef Jure Tomič have built up a well-earned reputation for innovative, beautifully presented and most importantly delicious dishes. With their main focus always on simple, clean and seasonal flavours, the unassuming Debeluh is styled as a quaint French countryside restaurant, and the atmosphere is intimate and warm, with antique chandeliers, candles and framed paintings. The decor reflects the dishes, both being a combination of tradition and modern elegance. There’s an equally impressive wine list, compiled in part by Tomič, who has also previously been named Slovenia’s sommelier of the year.


Pavus – Grad Tabor

If you’re looking for a truly unique and romantic dining experience, why not hike up to Tabor Castle on the hill that overlooks the town of Laško. Dating back to the 11th century, the castle was in ruins for nearly two hundred years until the Laško Brewery rebuilt it in the mid-1980s.

The compact but beautifully restored premises are now one of the most popular places in the country for weddings. The food from Restavracija Pavus itself is actually quite well-regarded, albeit not exactly budget-friendly. However, the serene sweeping views of the valley from the restaurant’s terrace more than makeup for any premium you’ll pay.

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Restavracija Amon

Amon Restaurant is furnished in a rustic wine cellar with authentic wine cultural heritage, which is very rich in the surroundings of Virštanj. We would like to offer our guests a wide range of original culinary delights and wines from our own production.

Restaurant Amon is a certified organic restaurant and is the first ecologically certified restaurant in Slovenia. Their offer consists of three parts: daily offers, seasonal offers and classic a la carte offers.

Restavracija Grad Otočec

If location is all that matters, this might be one of the most romantic restaurants in Slovenia. In the middle of the Krka river, the restaurant nestled inside Otočec castle truly is a special place. And, of course, the food more than matches its enchanting surroundings, with dishes like Chanterelle pockets with spinach, cream of fennel soup with a cheese roll and crunchy tarragon, almond crisp with vanilla ice cream and berries. To fully appreciate Otočec’s charming location, various packages are offered which include romantic weekends with delicious meals, overnight stays and golfing.

Restavracija Kodila

The codilla blows to the soul of the mass taste, while inviting the good-natured minority, it is traditional and modern at the same time, but in its own way. Homemade inn and steak house, ham and gourmet shop, snacks and sandwiches, stews and menus, burgers and tomahawks, beef and mangali, Prekmurje ham and Prekmurje gibanica. And it all starts with even hot greaves!

Taverna Kupljen

The tavern was opened in the midst of stunning hills in 1989, and today the visitors enjoy a magnificent panoramic view, while in the Tavern its homeliness and equipment made from old wine barrels and presses. Jože’s work in the vineyards and cellar is continued by his son Samo with his wife Lidija.

They offer local culinary specialties, following the seasons. Goat cheese, Ljutomer ementaler, tuna meat, home-made greaves, one-day-old homemade sausage, and greaves served with homemade bread evaporated from the plate. A wonderful presentation of wine-growing hills, fields, and pastures has taken us over with authentic local flavors. With a mouth full of strong flavors, Kuplen’s excellent chiffon, 2015, which is already the fruit of Sam’s estate management, with the aromas of flowers, yellow apple, and citrus, gave it the freshness it needed.


Tri lučke

Set in the hills high above the town of Krško, with breathtaking panoramic views and an exceedingly peaceful atmosphere amongst the vineyards, the stunning estate dates back to the 19th century when it was first established by the powerful Counts of Attems from nearby Brežice. It’s been a well-known traditional restaurant and guesthouse for more than three decades, but new owners and modern renovations have put it in a class of its own in recent years. Young chef Dejan Mastnak prepare some exceptional modern dishes that are based on local ingredients and simple homemade flavors. The tasting menus (and advanced reservations) are highly recommended.

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