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Pumpkin seed oil Gift Pack


Slocal oils are of the highest quality and completely natural as they do not contain any chemical additives or other supplements. Slovenian pumpkin seed oil is also well known for its intense nutty taste and is rich in vitamins and anti-inflammatory agents along with linoleic and oleic acids.

Slocal. pumpkin seed oils can be served as a salad dressing, toppng for the vanilla ice cream, sushi, ….

All the oils from our various producers are distinquished by their distinct and unique characters.

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Health Benefits:

Pumpkin seed oil is a powerhouse of nutrition. The oil is not 100 % fat which is very rare among oils. It is especially rich in proteins ( amino acids ), antioxidants, iron, zinc, magnesium and many other nutrients. An ounce (28 grams) contains about 151 calories.

Pumpkin seed oil has potential health benefits. People use it as an antioxidant, for preventing hair loss, boosting cardiovascular health and also for positive effects on the urinary system.

Slocal brand offers and distributes to buyers from all over the world premium pumpkin seed oil – black gold from a green land – by local Slovenian producers.

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