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Chocolate – wine Chocolat imperial 0,75l (Kunej)


Chocolat Impérial is a new beverage based on dark red wine from unique grape variety selection, which can be combined with its gentle tannin with dark chocolate. This is a harmonious fusion, which takes us into the world of sensual pleasure and comfort.

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The Chocolat Impérial chocolate-wine fairytale occurred in a place, where the Rajhenburg Trappist order once produced the first chocolate in Slovenia, which is also the Bizeljsko-Sremič wine-growing area where the KUNEJ family has been producing top quality wines for five generation.

It can be enjoyed by itself as an aperitif or with selected snacks or deserts, dark chocolate, truffles, forest berries, nuts, berries and selected gourmet food … This can also be excellent foundation for the preparation of cocktails.

It is served chilled to 6 – 8 °C in the summer months or to 10 – 12 °C in the winter..


Brand: Chocolat Impérial
Origin: Bizeljsko-Sremič
Variety selection: dornfelder, acolon, cabernet cubin, cabernet dorsa
Chocolate: 76% temna čokolada (izvor Ekvador)
Content: 0,75 l
Sugar residue: 60 g/l (sladko)
Alcohol: 11 %voll

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