Top 5 Slovenian Gifts for your friend from abroad


Having a friend from abroad is a special bond, whether they’re visiting Slovenia or living miles away. Show them how much you care by gifting them with a touch of Slovenian culture. Here are the top five thoughtful gifts that will make your friend feel loved and appreciated, whether they’re exploring Slovenia in person or staying connected from afar. Plus, we’ll share tips on sending these gifts abroad, so you can make them smile, no matter where they are.

1. Interesting Reads to Discover Slovenia – our Bestselling Books

Let your friend discover the wonders of Slovenia with insightful books about its architecture, folklore, or tourism. THE Slovenia Book will present them with 1000 ideas for exploring the country and will undoubtedly become their trusted companion during their stay and long after they’ve left.

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2. Culinary Delights from the Heart of Slovenia

Slovenian cuisine offers a delightful array of unique dishes. Treat your friend with THE SLOVENIA praline set, which features nine exceptional flavors elegantly packed in a wooden box, guaranteeing a scrumptious experience.

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3. Souvenirs to Treasure

As your friend departs from Slovenia, ensure they carry fond memories with them. A meaningful souvenir, such as a traditional Slovenian product, can create lasting impressions. We recommend Puzzle glass bowl, crafted from the purest glass by Steklarna Hrastnik. They make an ideal choice for a cherished memento.

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4. Gifts Aligned with Their Passions

Uncover your friend’s hobbies or interests to find the perfect gift that resonates with them. For photography enthusiasts, a book showcasing Slovenia’s breathtaking landscapes, like “The Slovenia Lakes,” will be a source of inspiration and appreciation.

5. Art Reflecting Slovenia’s Culture

Slovenia has an enriching artistic heritage, making artful creations thoughtful gifts. The “Mozaik” notebook, adorned with a design inspired by the iconic Miklošičeva Street 8 building in Ljubljana, a masterpiece by architect Ivan Vurnik, carries the essence of Slovenian artistry.

In selecting the perfect gift for your friend from abroad, remember that it’s the thought and sentiment that count the most. The essence of Slovenia lies not in extravagant gestures but in the genuine warmth and affection you convey through your gift.