Avant2Go, fast and easy vehicle rental in Slovenia


Avant2Go is a service for sharing electric vehicles in Slovenia, which enables a simple and adaptable experience of using cars. The service is based on the concept of ‘pay as you go and use as much as you want’, which means that users only pay for the actual use of the vehicle. There are no additional costs for maintaining the vehicle, nor are there any other hidden monthly fees or charges.

Shared use of electric vehicles

Avant2Go is a service that allows you to use electric vehicles without needing to own them. Instead of paying for the entire car, you only pay for the time you actually drive it. This means there are no monthly costs or hidden fees.

Easy use through the app

Everything is managed through a simple application on your smartphone. You reserve the vehicle, unlock and lock it, and pay for usage, all in one place. This simplifies management and allows you to get on the road quickly.

Free parking

Avant2Go provides you with free parking at more than 350 parking spots across Slovenia. This allows you to avoid searching for parking spots and paying parking fees, saving you time and money.

24/7 Support Team

If you ever encounter any issues or have questions, the Avant2Go team is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This means you are always supported and you don’t have to worry if you encounter a problem.

Sustainable Alternative

In addition to all these benefits, Avant2Go contributes to reducing the carbon footprint by using electric vehicles. This way, you help preserve the environment while enjoying the convenience of vehicle sharing.


Download the Avant2Go app and embark on an adventure!


  • Easy sign-up with contract signing through the app
  • Our best spring offer for new users yet
  • Pay €5, get €15 credit for rides + free registration

With Avant2Go, you can explore various destinations across Slovenia, from city centers to rural areas. Take advantage of affordable prices and pay only for the car rental as much as you actually use it. Plus, you’ll always have free parking.