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THE Slovenia Praline Gift Box


9 Unique Tastes of Slovenia!

Travel across Slovenia’s culinary regions with these delectable pralines – from Adriatic sea salt to Pannonian pumpkin seeds.


Slovenia is a world class culinary destination, and just like its beautiful landscape, its flavours also vary from the waves of the Adriatic coast up to the mountain peaks of the Alps and down to the lush Pannonian plains.

With this collection of delicious pralines we have captured 9 typical tastes of Slovenia’s diverse culinary regions. Start your chocolate journey and enjoy some quite unusual but scrumptious creations.

The juiciest strawberries ripen under the sun in the Janče hills of central Slovenia. The crunchiest cherries grow in the leafy orchards of Goriška Brda, and just a bit further south you can find bushes covered with the best black and red currants. The Mediterranean tastes conclude with a salty chocolate blend made with fleur de sel harvested from the Adriatic sea.

The tasty journey then takes you to beautiful Dolenjska where beautiful hazelnut trees grow. Meanwhile, further east is the home of another nut: the Pannonian almond, which give that special subtle sweet taste to marzipan. The magical region of Prekmurje is the place for seeds – pumpkin seeds and poppy seeds from the traditional Prekmurje seven layer cake. And finally, this flavourful chocolate journey comes to an end in the majestic valleys of the Alps, with delicious dried apple slices.

THE Slovenia Praline Gift Box

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