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Notebook Vurnik Kaleidoscope


The print derives from the facade ornaments of the building at Miklošičeva 8 in Ljubljana, the former Corporate Business Bank, built in 1922, which is thought to be the most renowned work of architect Ivan Vurnik.


  • 100-leaf, plain
  • 90g volumised paper
  • size 11,5×15,5 cm
  • hardcover
  • smooth

The Gift of Slovene Architecture: Ivan Vurnik & Helena Kotler Vurnik was created on the initiative and under the guidance of the Centre of Architecture, which operates in the fields of architecture and education, endeavouring to raise awareness of the importance of quality built environment. The collection represents motifs related to individual works of Slovenian architectural tradition and architecture of the modern day.

Architect: Ivan Vurnik (1884 – 1971), Painter: Helena Kottler vurnik (1882 – 1962)

The gift is designed by Luka Purgar.



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