TOP Winemakers in Kras – Karst wine region


The Kras wine district is distinguished by the unique terrain upon which it sits, namely, a limestone Karst plateau above the bay of Trieste covered by a thin layer of reddish-brown soil that receives both an abundance of sun throughout the year as well as strong winds known as the burja (or Bora, in English). The end result is the perfect climate for growing a variety of grapes, especially those for making earthy red wines such as Refošk (Refosco) and Teran (Terrano), while the dry air also provides excellent conditions for the production of cured meats, widely regarded as Slovenia’s best. With some 170 different wine producers located in this one compact area, the so-called Kras Wine Road can keep visitors happily busy for days on end.

In addition to the overwhelming number of vineyards and wine cellars, there are also many other sightseeing stops that can be made along the way, including the world famous Lipica Stud Farm, the exquisite medieval hilltop village of Štanjel, Sežana’s peaceful botanical garden, the subterranean world of Vilenica cave and the fascinating Tabor military museum (to name but a few). Much more info can be found on the region’s official website (, including contact info for a half dozen local tourist offices that can provide further assistance.

TOP Winemakers in Kras – Karst wine region:

Štoka Winery

Štanjel Winery

Vinakras Winery

Vipava Winery

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