Where to go in Slovenia amid Coronavirus outbreak?


As we are all facing new challenges that came with Coronavirus in Slovenia we can only do so together. Many people have reached out to us with a question, where to go while there is Coronavirus in Slovenia.

For the time being, we strongly encourage you to #stayhome (#ostajamdoma) and stay healthy as the situation shouldn’t be taken lightly.

However, if you feel the need to breathe in some fresh air here is a list of less crowded places for you to visit.

Explore the world of the Julian Alps

To experience stunning views and forget about the current situation with Coronavirus in Slovenia, one would usually head to the mountains to climb some summits, but there is also another way – hiking instead through the valleys, which offer amazing views of the Alpine world.

If you are still in doubt, lace up your hiking boots and hit the circular long-distance Juliana Trail. The trail will take you through green forests and blooming meadows, along crystal-clear rivers, and past historic towns and picturesque Alpine villages that are perhaps as yet unknown to you. Seize the opportunity to genuinely interact with the locals and learn about the life, traditions, and culture below the mighty peaks of the Julian Alps.

We strongly advise people who aren’t used to hiking against visiting the Alps in order to prevent any injuries.

Short hike to Sveti Miklavž

Park your car in Šmartno pri Tuhinju and head up to Sveti Miklavž. The path from your car up the hill and back down is around 5,7 kilometers long. The hike will take you about an hour. The first part of the path takes you on the road through a small Slovenian village, the second part of the hike towards the hill of Sveti Miklavž will take you through the forest. On top of Sveti Miklavž you will be able to see stunning views of the Julian Alps, Velika Planina, and Limberska mountain. On a good day, you will be able to spot Mt. Triglav in the distance. The hike to Sveti Miklavž is not difficult and is appropriate for families with small children.

Visit the hill above Vrhnika

For those of you who are in good shape we highly recommend visiting Planina above Vrhnika. The walk or better said the hike is slightly steeper and more difficult. So you might be out of breath, which during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Slovenia is not ideal, but no worries, you will be out of breath because you did something good for your body. At the top of Planina nad Vrhniko (at 733 meters) stands a wooden lookout tower, one of the tallest wooden detached buildings in Slovenia. The viewing tower (22 m) was built in 2008 and it offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Perfect location to unwind with the current situation with Coronavirus in Slovenia.

Walk of peace

The walk starts at Log pod Mangartom at the entrance to the mine shaft named Štoln, and ends at the outdoor museum Mengore near Most na Soči. It is divided into five sections and trekking along each of them can be done in one day. It runs past military cemeteries and chapels, Kluže Fortification, outdoor museums, the Koritnica gorge, the Soča gorge, the idyllic mountain alps, the Kozjak fall, two charnel houses, at Kobarid and Tolmin, a memorial church of the Holy Spirit on the Javorca plateau, the Tolminka gorge, etc. 

Stroll alongside the river in Idrija – Rake Trail

The Rake Trail is the only Idrija trail that is offered for a leisurely ‘flat’ walk. It only climbs slightly at the beginning, and then runs almost two and a half miles straight. It leads you along the left bank of Idrijca, past the suspension bridges, which are magnificent views over the gorgeous gorgeous Idrijca, to the unique Wild Lake. The trail is interesting in all seasons and in any weather.

Go cycling around Slovenia

We recommend going cycling as long as you do not do it in a large group or head over to more crowded places. We also recommend taking it easy to prevent any injuries or accidents while we are facing the problem of Coronavirus in Slovenia. Opt for the short rides and be careful on the road.

Source: Slovenska turistična organizacija

Koroška Mountain Trail

The Koroška Mountain Trail leads you along the slopes of the three valleys of Koroška – the Mežica, Drava and Mislinje valleys and connects the mountain ranges Karawanks, Pohorje, Kozjak and the Savinja Alps. The circular, long-distance trail is 230 kilometers long in total, but you can also decide on shorter, one-day tours.

Soča Trail

Get in genuine touch with nature on the Soča Trail, which leads you along the crystal clear river Soča from her source through the Alpine valley of Trenta to Bovec. The 25-kilometer long trail, which is a part of the Alpe Adria Trail (note that you will not be able to cross the borders if you decide to go on Alpe Adria Trail as it goes across Italy and Austria), will take you along numerous natural and cultural sites – the picturesque canyons of the rivers Soča and Mostnica, log bridges, the Alpine botanical garden Julijana and Trenta Lodge, where you will get a closer look into life in the Triglav National Park.

Hike to Sv. Ana

On top of the Sv. Ana you will find a church on a smaller viewing point above Jezero, Podpeč, and Preserje. Another location close to Slovenian capital city. From the top of the hill, you will be able to see Ljubljana, Polhograjsko hribovje, Kamniško Savinjske Alps and the vast forests of Krim. The hill of Sv. Ana is 484 meters high, therefore it is not a difficult hike for younger kids and families.

Hike to Sv. Primož above Kamnik

To avoid the possible heavy traffic opt for this hike early in the morning. The hike from Kamnik up to Sveti Primož can be a perfect hike for you and your family. The path is not difficult for children or older people. The view will be worth the hike. Below the church, you will be able to see all the way to Mengeš, Kranj, Brnik and all the little villages in between. The view from Sveti Primož is even more beautiful in the mornings when the fog is still rising from the ground. Photographers out there, keep this in mind.

Photo by: Sara Todorović

The Loka Mountain Trail

The Škofja Loka Hills are the backbone of their namesake area. The area captured between the rivers Poljanska Sora and Selška Sora, is famous for its idyllic green landscape, which was celebrated by Slovenian writer Ivan Tavčar. The Loka Mountain Trail connects the Škofja Loka Hills with the Polhov Gradec, Idrija and Cerklje hills. Along the path, you will climb some prominent peaks, with Blegoš standing out among them. 

Visit Snežnik Plateau

Snežnik-Ždrolce primeval forests are part of UNESCO heritage ancient and primeval beech forests of the Carpathians and other regions of Europe, are located not far away in the forests of Notranjska and Kočevsko. Ancient beech forests, which secured their spot in the UNESCO list with their preservation, also rustle in the Snežnik Ždrolce Reserve. Perfect time to visit Snežnik Plateau as it tends not to get so crowded.

Source: Slovenska turistična organizacija

Hike to Sv. Katarina

Near Ljubljana, you have the opportunity to hike up the hill of Sv. Katarina. The hike is approximately an hour and a half long and is appropriate for those of you who might not be in the best shape just yet. Our sources confirm that there are not many people hiking up there amid the Coronavirus in Slovenia, especially in the mornings. From the church of Sv. Katarina, you will be able to gaze upon a beautiful view of Krim, Ulovka and Polhograjsko hribovje above Ljubljana.

Hike to Sv. Lovrenc

Sv. Lovrenc is an 824 meters high hill, located northwest of the Polhograjsko hribovje near Ljubljana. From the top of the hill, a beautiful view opens up towards the capital city of Slovenia. On a clear and sunny day, you will be able to see the Snežnik Plateau as well. On top of the hill stands a church of Saint Lovrenc.

For the time being, we strongly encourage you to #stayhome (#ostajamdoma) and stay healthy as the situation shouldn’t be taken lightly.