How are Slovenian companies dealing with Coronavirus outbreak?


Many Slovenian companies and employees have switched their offices to work from home as the number of confirmed cases with Coronavirus in Slovenia is rising.

In this article, we explore how Slovenian companies are organizing their work from the home situation and what advice do they have for all of you who are in a similar situation.

As the world falls under the many precautionary quarantines due to the major outbreak of Coronavirus many of us have been “forced” to work from home. Working from home can be quite challenging for some people, while others find it more productive. You might have come across the new trending hashtag on social media #staythefuckathome, which is spreading awareness about the seriousness of this Coronavirus outbreak.

While scrolling on social media we have come across some interesting work from home practices from Slovenian companies and we wanted to share them with you – our readers.

d.labs employees start the day with morning yoga

d.labs was created from the idea that great entrepreneurs can come from anywhere. Started in London, UK, and Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2010, they have set themselves on a journey to build a different kind of technology company. As a group of former founders, developers, and designers that have built some of the most exciting digital companies coming from Central Europe. A different breed of a service company, providing you with a combination of advisory, consulting and product-development support a new, untested, idea requires to stand a chance to make an impact. A true co-creation and innovation partner for all things early-stage. Check out below how d.labs is keeping their employees fit and healthy while working from home.

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Wolt Slovenija and eHrana organized contactless food delivery system

The biggest two companies for food delivery in Slovenia, Wolt and eHrana, have both organized contactless food delivery procedures to protect employees and costumers from spreading Coronavirus or COVID-19 in Slovenia. Both companies have introduced a non-contact pickup, which will be done firstly by disinfecting the food supplier with a disinfectant spray, before picking up a dish at a restaurant, when he arrives at the customer’s location, disinfecting his hands again, and then picking up the food out of the bag and put it on and withdrew two meters. The delivery informed customer will pick up the food and take it to the house or apartment, and then when the customer closes the front door, pick up the bag, re-disinfect his hands and go forward. Both companies have kept only the restaurants, which enable online payment.

Companies like ESET NOD23 Slovenija share their advice on what you need to work from home

Head of Technical Support at ESET NOD23 Slovenia advises everyone to use VPN networks on work computers as it is safer. He also highlights the use of two-factor authentification and the use of high-quality antivirus protection not only for yourself but also for your computer.

Telekom, A1, and Telemach have given their users free access to all TV programs

Telekom, A1, and Telemach have all unlocked their TV schemes to all their users and providing them with extended programs for free until further notice. For an easier transition to working from home lifestyle. Telekom also added an extra 5GB of data to all its users.

The biggest marketing agency in Slovenia – Pristop is following the trend of working from home

Pristop has posted the following message on their Facebook page: “Because we are not questioning health, we have decided to work from home, this measure applies to all of our employees.” They are overcoming this situation with video calls and are looking forward to all the good ideas for their clients, which will emerge during this time. Pristop has already put all the employees who have traveled abroad last month into quarantine and have set up a system for monitoring their journeys. They wanted to provide colleagues with information from relevant competent institutions and formulate recommendations for actions that would make them accountable to themselves and others.

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Female magazine – Cosmopolitan in spreading the movement of #OstajamDoma

The editorial board of Cosmopolitan has actively participated in the #OstajamDoma campaign, spreading the message that the only thing Citizens can do to stop a Coronavirus in Slovenia is staying home.

Slovenian media houses have emptied their offices and reorganized their teams

On POP TV they have been stepping up their preventive measures for the safety and protection of our staff in line with the evolving situation since the first cases of Coronavirus in Europe. They are aware that our media is a key source of information in Slovenia, so it is of utmost importance that they do our utmost to ensure the smooth transmission of our content, especially the news program. A large part of their staff are already working from home, and the arrangements are mostly made by phone or video conferencing. In mid-March, they set up additional broadcasts within the 24UR news program, at 10.00 and 12.55, in addition to the regular 24UR in the afternoon and the main broadcast 24UR at 18.55. 24UR in the evening will be on a daily basis, not only from Monday to Friday as before.

Delo newspaper has provided its readers with free content in regards to Coronavirus in Slovenia. Similar to POP TV they are taking preventive measures to stop Coronavirus from spreading. In the first cases of Coronavirus infection, they took additional measures to prevent the spread of the infection and regularly informed all employees. The editorial teams have organized their work so that part of the team does their work from home, and part is present at the company headquarters. Most of the contacts with the interlocutors are now made by editors through modern technologies. Delo also made it possible for most of the other employees who can do their work from home. Only the duty teams are employed at the headquarters of the company.

Planet TV and have been instructed to take the utmost care and responsibility to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Slovenia. They have also increased the number of broadcast news similar to POP TV. Employees are also working from home.

EQUA shared their message on working from home

Equa wrote on their LinkedIn profile: “This Monday our team started their day a bit differently. On average, we all woke up around 7 am, took a shower, had breakfast, and instead of driving to work, we sat down behind our laptops (surrounded by our home) and simply got connected with colleagues. Face-to-face in a remote way. As this situation might not be so usual, we want to look at it on a positive note and take advantage of the fact that this way we currently lose less time commuting (so mother nature says thank you as well) and less time worrying what to wear that day. That means more time to focus on the good quality projects and content for our community. We care about people, their wellbeing, their style, their habits, and their experiences. And we will continue doing so, no matter the circumstances and situations we find ourselves in. Wishing you a good & successful week from the whole EQUA team!

Slovenian companies and universities organizing free webinars

Consulting Agency has prepared a series of 21 short webinars to educate people on different topics. The webinars take place every day at 8 pm. Learn more about their webinar program, here.

Alongside many Slovenian companies, the University of Ljubljana has organized free webinars for its students. The topics vary from the crisis of Coronavirus, communication, struggles with the current situation and how to take deal with critics.

Home workouts for after work hours

Priprave LJMARATON organizes free online workout sessions on their Facebook page. Join them every day at 6 pm, here.

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