New Wine Guide 2020


New Wine Guide 2020

It’s time for us to once again say ‘Na zdravje!’ to wine lovers the world over with the release of our latest English-language Slovenian wine guide, covering all three of the country’s distinct wine regions. From the earthy reds of Mediterranean Primorska, to the sweet whites of Podravje in the northeast,  the limitless supply of refreshing cviček of Posavje in the southeast, and to the traditional Ljubljana wine route, which unites winemakers from all regions, the Slovenia Wine guide is intended to give only a brief overview of Slovenia’s wine industry, one of the oldest in the world and yet still, for many, an unexplored scene.

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Over the couple decades many of Slovenia’s winemakers – from the largest cooperatives to the smallest family-run operations – have expanded, renovated and modernized their facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and gorgeous tasting facilities, and have been duly rewarded for their efforts with a plethora of prestigious awards and increasing recognition from the international media. TOP winemakers in Slovenia have added accommodation and other services, which makes visiting them easier than ever before. Add a special touch to your stay and join the TOP Wine Tours in Slovenia, which will make your visit truly memorable.

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TOP Wine Experiences in Slovenia 2020

The vineyards mentioned in our new The Slovenia Wine Guide represent only a small number of the hundreds (or technically tens of thousands) of wine producers from different regions that currently operate in Slovenia, and we’ve tried our best to give a representative sampling so visitors who are unfamiliar with the country’s wine regions can gain a clearer understanding of what each has to offer. More specifically, we’ve attempted to show the unique aspects of each winery, farm, village and winemaker, in order to encourage readers to visit for themselves and taste the best Slovenian wines.

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TOP Wine Experiences in Slovenia 2020

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The booklet includes an overview of the top Slovenia’s three wine regions, detailed info of some typical local wine varieties and some unique wine experiences, and descriptions of some of our favourite wine destinations, as well as a useful colour-coded map with top Slovenian wineries.

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