TOP Slovenian sparkling wines


Celebrations are just around the corner, and we will be opening bottles pretty soon. Therefore we have gathered top Slovenian Sparkling wines from the best Slovenian vineyards. Cheers!

TOP recommended Slovenian sparkling wines


The wine tradition of the Simčič family goes back to 1812. The vineyard of the Medot estate lies across three hectares in the heart of Goriška Brda. From the top of the hill, a magnificent view of the terraces planted with Ribolla Gialla, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay opens out. The vines, which are 40 years old and were grafted there from the old Medot vineyard, have excellent conditions and thrive well in this area due to its specific microclimate.

Medot winery is known for its top-quality sparkling wines. The fresh and fruity flavors of apples, melons, citrus fruit, and tropical fruit are complemented by the deep tones of fresh-baked bread, croissants, and roasted hazelnuts. Taste the bubbly liquid of sparkling wine Medot Brut or Medot Rose. Elegant freshness and rich harmony of flavors combine together in the taste of the Medot sparkling wines, which you will remember forever.

Domacija-Medot-Medot-Brut-Rose wines


The Movia estate dates back to 1700, passing into the hands of the Kristančič family with a wedding in 1820. Movia is more than a mere wine brand and the name of an estate on the borderland between Slovenia and Italy. Movia is a way of life, life in all its glory, purity of nature and sincerity of the author. Movia is a label beyond time, a mark of standards surpassed as sought by so many wine connoisseurs around the world. From gentle and light classics, through a range of mature wines with good ageing potential, to one-offs second to none other in the world.

Movia is best known for its sparkling wine called Puro, which starts off where other champagnes end their lives and go on to age. A Puro turned upside-down can live forever, as its permanently present yeasts are capable of keeping it alive for years. Therefore, you can savor it for a truly special occasion. Red fruits on the nose, well matured, tertiary, yet still plenty of freshness. That and very much more is what Movia wines are all about. And when you alight from the cellar and taste the bubbly wines you will taste magic!

movia puro


Višnjevik and its vineyards are nestled in the midst of Brda hills at an altitude of 219 meters. Višnjevik has been known since the Middle Ages for its Ribolla vineyards and olive plantations. Steep marl slopes demand hard work in the vineyard, but the resulting wine quality serves as a reward for all the effort and encourages the future expansion of the Erzetič family vineyard and winery.

The white Sentio has cheerful yet soft tiny bubbles, which give the taste of bread crust, croissants, and butter biscuits. Pleasant acidity accentuates the wine’s minerality and expands the use of Sentio classic sparkling wines, which are much more than wines for making toasts of joy.

Erzetic-Penece-vino-Sentio-sparkling wine


Nestled amongst the foothills of the Alps in beautiful Goriška Brda, the small village of Biljana may not be well known even in Slovenia, but its name in the local dialect, Bjana, has become synonymous with premium quality sparkling wine across the country and far beyond its borders.

The lands of the Goriška Brda winegrowing district rest on sweeping Alpine foothills with a strong touch of the Mediterranean. Three grape varieties are used to make Bjana sparkling wines, like Brut, Brut Rose, Brut Zero, Brut Terroir, and Cuvee Prestige. Two of these varieties are typical of the wine region Champagne (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir) and one is the local Ribolla Gialla. Chardonnay gives wine its body, rich aroma and fullness, Pinot Noir adds structure and fruitiness, while Ribolla contributes its elegance and freshness.



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Found tucked away in Bizeljsko in the far east of the country, Istenič is the largest wine producer in the district, as well as one of the largest producers of sparkling wine in all of Slovenia, especially amongst those who adhere to the classic method. The estate is the Bizeljsko’s most professionally organized vineyard in terms of receiving guests, with a welcoming multilingual staff making visitors feel right at home. The Istenič winery offers several wine tasting packages and tasting menus. They’ve also got the even more prestigious acclaim of being on our shortlist of destinations we almost always take our foreign friends, as sampling a dozen different types of sparkling wine whilst lounging in the shade of an apple tree is the perfect way to relax after a day of sightseeing.

Istenič recently became most known for its special sparkling wine, called Prestige, which is produced only in special years. This sophisticated wine is made from 60% Chardonnay for delicacy and 40% Pinot Noir for its firm body and structure. Long lees aging gives real complexity and depth, with notes of biscuit and fresh bread adding layers to the honey, lemon and apple flavors, and good length. Perfect for all special occasions and celebrations.

sparkling wine-Istenic

Radgonske Gorice

The wines in the vibrant region of Radgonska Gorica above the Mura river, have been sparkling in the wine cellars since 1852. The sparkling wines of Radgonska Gorica are made according to the traditional and classical method by boiling in a bottle after which the real French champagnes are prepared.

The Golden Radona sparkling wine is their most known product and it is aged for at least 24 months, and it is also possible to find the special vintage bottles of this sparkling win that have matured for more than 10 years. The Golden  Radgona sparkling wine can be presented as the blanc de blancs, which means it is made from pure chardonnay.

sparkling wineradgonske gorice


In Vinakoper, they have been producing top-quality wines with love and respect since 1947. The nobility and lavishness of our wine varieties can be attributed to the heritage of a thousand-year-old tradition of enology and viticulture in Slovenian Istria, and are the product of the exquisite natural characteristics of the Istrian soil, and hard-working hands of locals.

Take a walk from the mysterious cellar to the glass of the sun and explore the aroma and the taste of precious wines from Istria – Vinakoper’s pride. Their sparkling wines are produced according to the traditional method and are stored for at least 36 months. The classic Capris sparkling wine is made from a variety of Chardonnay, and its aroma is ripe and rich, which is a result of the combination of fruit and honey intertwine beautifully with the elegance of this wine and caresses the senses. Velvety and serious, with a lot of freshness and zest.

Jeruzalem Ormož

The motto of the Jeruzalem Ormož vinery is “The good things in life should be shared with others”, and they have been sharing their exquisite wines since 1930. The vineyard is located at the picturesque Malek Zidanica, where the guests are greeted by the Puklavec family and kindly invited to enjoy a glass of light and fresh sparkling wine.

This year the Puklavec family wines presented a new variety of sparkling wines in collaboration with the popular Croatian singer Peter Grašo. The special sparkling rose wine named after the singer will enchant you with its freshness, light texture and vibrant taste of cranberries made from Pinot Noir variety.


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Krško wine cellar

The wine cellar of the Dolenjska region is home to the Krško Cellar, which has been producing top quality wines since 1928. The Krško wine cellar was built on tradition, years of experience, good knowledge of the Dolenjska region characteristics and modern technology, which ensures that the Krško wine cellar is today a prominent provider of high-quality wines and at the same time the leading producer of the best PTP cviček.

They are also specialized in producing royal sparkling wines, which are made according to the classic champagne or traditional method, as their names imply. We recommend trying the royal sparkling wine named the Princess, whose taste is pleasantly aromatic, sweet and truly refreshing. The aromas of fresh apricots blended with peaches, citruses, melons, and tangerines beautifully create the harmonic bubbly taste.

Princess Krško Cellar


The story of the Frelih family’s wine begins back in 1892 when great-grandfather Joseph Frelih moved from the Vipava valley to the town of Šentrupert in the heart of the Dolenjska region. He brought his love of winemaking and know-how with him from Primorska, and transformed a dying vineyard into a bountiful estate.  Nowadays, the family-run Frelih winery continues and builds upon Joseph’s legacy, delivering wines of the highest quality, including its award-winning sparkling wines, Blaufränkisch, Silvaner, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, and the PTP-protected Cviček.

Their best sparkling rose wine – the Rose Brut is made from hand-picked grapes, which are grown on the family’s Zadraga vineyard above the Šentrupert valley, where the grapes benefit from the ideal growing environment. The velvety black grapes give the Rose Brut its lovely color in the shade of tender salmon. The combination of hard work, innovation and natural approaches alongside the clear, elegant and mature taste give the dry wine a lively acidity and a smooth texture of numerous bubbles.


Zlati Grič

In the heart of the Škalce vineyards lies one of the most modern wine cellars in the region – Zlati grič, which produces only top quality wines with an approach that is based on the technology of minimal wine loads and environmentally friendly wine production. Zlati grič welcomes both small and large groups into their wine cellar together with various wine tastings and tours. In the idyllic surroundings of Škalce vineyards, visitors will find a vibrant golf course, which runs through the vineyard on the hills.

Zlati grič offers a variety of exquisite sparkling wines for all the special occasions. Sparkling wine Rose is a blue franconian white sparkling wine, which has a distinctive fruity flavor with a touch of freshness and tenderness of the minerals. They also offer a more classic sparkling wine known as the Sparkling Vintage, which first matures for three years in the cellar and has a special sparkling taste of Brut Natur.


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If you haven’t heard of the Gaube winery, you’ve likely seen photos of their vineyards, as the estate is located along the famous heart-shaped wine road in Štajerska that has adorned various book, brochure and magazine covers over the years – after all, Slovenia is the only country in the world with the word ‘love’ in its name. For five generations the Gaube family has lovingly produced an assortment of excellent wines, building upon the endeavours and knowledge of their ancestors and working in harmony with nature to bring the best out of the land. Their efforts have been duly rewarded, as their wine acquired the title of world champion at the 2016 Vino Ljubljana wine fair, and visitors will also be duly rewarded with the wine tastings and culinary delicacies that await them.

Taste their exquisite sparkling wine Rosé, which smells like raspberries, undergrowth and wet leaves, and has a unique fresh taste to it, as the aromas develop nicely, made from Pinot Noir grapes.

gaube sparkling wine

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