What to do in Slovenia in the winter?


Slovenia can turn into a true winter wonderland during the winter months if there is snow, of course. And if that condition is achieved, Slovenia can offer you plenty of fun winter activities for you to enjoy!

Here is our list of what to do in Slovenia in the winter!

Go skiing or snowboarding at the best ski resorts in Slovenia

Slovenia, a country well known for its mountains, where many ski resorts are located on. There is nothing more soothing than skiing (or snowboarding) on the white glittering powder of fresh snow and being surrounded by unspoiled beauty and idyllic nature, where the tall snow-covered mountains serve as the perfect backdrop.

Slovenia offers some of the top ski resorts in Europe, from large, luxury-like resorts to the smaller family (and budget) friendly slopes, the top Slovenia ski resorts will make your winter holiday the one to remember.

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Visit Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is, not surprisingly, famous for its skiing and other winter sports. People from the area are often excellent skiers, as parents have their kids racing down the toughest runs as soon as they learn how to walk. Slovenia’s professional skiers have enjoyed a significant amount of success in world cup and Olympic competitions and most of them hail from Gorenjska. The Vitranc world cup and the annual ski flying event in nearby Planica bring thousands of spectators to Kranjska Gora, turning it into the party capital of Slovenia, at least for a weekend or two.

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Scare away winter with Kurents in Ptuj

Kurent or Korant is Slovenia’s most popular traditional carnival figure. Its origins have still not been fully explored, but according to an ancient belief, Kurent is a demon chasing away winter and summoning spring to the country.

Every year between Candlemas and Ash Wednesday, this magical traditional figure emerges in the surroundings of Ptuj. Small groups of Kurents visit houses, bringing them luck and bountiful harvest. During Kurentovanje, Kurents try to scare away the winter in a special ritual, also known as the burial, and celebrate fertility on Shrove Sunday.

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Ptuj, www.visitptuj.eu Seeing large hairy sheep monsters standing up-right and dancing around might sound strange, but don't worry, you're not having a nightmare. These folkloric figures are Kurent and they're meant to look terrifying in order to ward off winter and evil spirits.Taking its name from the Kurent, Kurentovanjeis a carnival like no other, attracting more than 100,000 visitors to the town of Ptuj each spring. www.slovenia.info, Marko Pigac, arhiv Zavod za turizem Ptuj

Participate in winter sporting events

Slovenians are known as the nation that loves winter activities. So it comes at no surprise that they also enjoy their winter sporting events. Among the favorites are for sure ski jumping and alpine skiing, where you will see tens of thousands of fans screaming, cheering on the amazing athletes and proudly swinging the Slovene flag around. 

The peak of winter sport events (and cheering) in Slovenia usually hits between February and March, when the country hosts several world competitions. In this article we have gathered the top Slovenian winter sporting events, which we think you should visit if you are in town at the time of the event.

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Visit a museum or two in Slovenia

Slovenia has an extensive cultural, historic, and even artistic history, which you can explore in the top Slovenian museums.

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Take a trip to Lake Cerknica

Our first thing to do in Slovenia in the winter is taking a trip to Lake Cerknica. If there are plenty of snow or rain showers the lake appears in the late winter months.

Lake Cerknica or Cerkniško Lake is – Europe’s largest intermittent lake. Taking a trip to Lake Cerknica is always a good idea, as long as the lake is there of course. Now you see it, now you don’t! Well perhaps not that quickly but regardless of Europe’s largest periodic body of water, Lake Cerknica is, truly a magical natural phenomenon.

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