Top Ski Resorts in Slovenia


Slovenia, a country well known for its mountains, where many ski resorts are located on. There is nothing more soothing than skiing (or snowboarding) on the white glittering powder of fresh snow and being surrounded by unspoiled beauty and idyllic nature, where the tall snow-covered mountains serve as the perfect backdrop.

Slovenia offers some of the top ski resorts in Europe, from large, luxury like resorts to the smaller family (and budget) friendly slopes, the top Slovenia ski resorts will make your winter holiday the one to remember.


Located just a mere 25 kilometers from the capital city of Slovenia lies the second largest ski resort in Slovenia. Krvavec Ski Resort is known for being an all-time favorite among the locals coming from Ljubljana and Central Slovenia. Its accessibility makes it perfect for the weekend or even afternoon ski-getaway. What makes Krvavec Ski Resort of the top ski resorts in Slovenia is the fact that the slopes are one of the best ski slopes in the country, not to mention they are suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels.

Krvavec Ski Resort offers many amenities, from sledding, snow park carefully designed for snowboarding fans who look for an extra boost of adrenaline, to unique ice bars and more! Krvavec Ski Resort is perched up on the edge of a mountain range and it offers amazing views of snow-covered alpine meadows. The ski slopes and trails are opened up to at least 100 days per year, under the right conditions an average ski season lasts up to 150 days. In 2019, there were people skiing up there even in the middle of May! But besides frolicking in the snow, Krvavec is also an ideal destination in the summer for mountaineering, cycling, and hiking.

Visit Krvavec Ski Resort and see why it is one of the best ski resorts in Slovenia.


Kranjska Gora is famous for its skiing and other winter sports, therefore it is not surprising that Kranjska Gora Ski Resort is recognized as one of the most famous ski resorts in Slovenia. Kranjska Gora is located in north-western Slovenia and it is surrounded by the majestic Julian Alps. People from the area are often excellent skiers, as parents have their kids racing down the toughest runs as soon as they learn how to walk. Even if you are not a fan of skiing, there are plenty of other winter activities you can take part in, from sledding to hiking, and in when the temperatures are higher, Kranjska Gora turns into a popular cycling destination.

Kranjska Gora Ski Resort attracts a large international crowd every winter. Skiiers and snowboarders from neighbourhood countries flock to Kranjska Gora to get a piece of the action on the white slopes. Kranjska Gora Ski Resort is considered to be one of the top ski resorts in Slovenia as it has 18 different slopes, which are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. Kranjska Gora is also known for its many accommodations, you can book a hotel room or stay at an igloo. At one of the top ski resorts in Slovenia, you will find many restaurants and bars. We recommend visiting the Skipass restaurant, where you will find a mix of Slovenian, Austrian and Italian cuisine. If you will be staying in Kranjska Gora for more than a day or two, make sure to drop by one of the most beautiful Slovenian lakes, Jasna and Zelenci.

Kranjska Gora Ski Resort is also known as the host of the top winter sporting events in Slovenia. Slovenia’s professional skiers have enjoyed a significant amount of success in the World Cup and Olympic competitions and most of them hail from Gorenjska. The Vitranc World Cup and the annual ski Flying event in nearby Planica bring thousands of both local and international spectators to Kranjska Gora, turning it into the skiing/party capital of Slovenia, at least for a weekend or two.


Vogel Ski Resort is located inside the famous Triglav National Park (TNP), Slovenia’s only national park. With that being said, we can assure you skiing at Vogel Ski Resort will leave you breathless with the stunning view of lake Bohinj and steep mountains of the Julian Alps. Vogel Ski Resort is located in a truly idyllic landscape with the best Slovenia alpine skiing opportunities.

Since it is located in the alpine valley of lake Bohinj at Triglav National Park its under development protection, which means artificial snow is not permitted. But worries, fresh snow is all around due to its amazing location on the first mountain barrier. There are around 18 kilometers of slopes at Vogel Ski Resorts and the resort is reachable by cable car from the shore of Lake Bohinj. If you are planning a longer stay at one of the top ski resorts in Slovenia, there are huts available for renting on the very top of the mountain.

Vogel Ski Resort is known as one of the top ski resorts in Slovenia just for the stunning panoramas of Lake Bohinj.


Rogla Ski Resort is situated in the Pohorje Range of the Julian Alps and it is purposely built ski resort in an idyllic landscape. Rogla Ski Resort is also known as the white paradise of winter sports, which are accessible on both natural and artificial snow. As one of the top ski resorts in Slovenia, Rogla ski resorts has been hosting several international competitions. If you are looking for some amazing skiing or snowboarding opportunities than Rogla Ski Resort is the one for you.

Rogla Ski Resort is also considered as one of the most family-friendly ski resorts in Slovenia as it has fun (winter) activities and attractions for the whole family, which include a year-round Olympic center, amazing hiking trail to Lovrenc Lakes, and several biking paths as well. The newest addition is the Pohorje Treetop Walk – the first innovative example of an experiential tourism product in Slovenia combining new experiences, education, environmental awareness and entertainment for all generations. The Pohorje Treetop Walk will let you experience Slovenian nature from a new perspective. To unwind after a long day on the white powder drive down to Zreče, which is nestled amongst the Pohorje foothills. Terme Zreče offers a vast range of therapy and saunas – relaxation guaranteed.


Pohorje Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Slovenia, located on the outskirts of Maribor. Pohorje Ski Resorts features a whooping 250 hectares of snow-covered slopes for you to enjoy this winter season. Pohorje Ski Resort is the most popular Slovenian ski resort amongst the locals who live in the Štajerska region. The slopes range from run-down easy for beginners to more challenging slopes for those experienced skiers and snowboarders. Some of the slopes go alongside lakeshores and through the woods, so the crowd of skiers is not that noticeable.

Due to its relatively low altitude, most of the snow in the past few years has been (sadly) artificial. This, however, still guarantees at least 100 snow days every season, which means if you booked a ski trip to Pohorje Ski Resort there is nothing to be worried about. Pohorje is also most known as the host of one of the most anticipated Slovenian winter sporting events – the annual Golden Fox competition. This winter competition includes only the best female slalom skiers and giant slalom skiers in the world. The large crowds that this competition draws to contribute to the race’s worldwide appeal.

Pohorje Ski Resort is considered as one of the top ski resorts in Slovenia also due to its prime location. In the are you will be able to visit amazing wellness and spa centers or spoil your taste buds by visiting the best restaurants in the Maribor area.


One of the top ski resorts in Slovenia is Golte Ski Resort, which is one of the smaller Slovenian ski resorts. But what lacks in size, makes up for it in beauty (in this case), as the Golte Ski Resort is known as one of the most beautiful ski centers in Slovenia. Golte Ski Resort is located just above the town of Mozirje near Kranjska Gora. Golte Ski Resort is perfect for families as it is not as crowded as some of the other Slovenian ski resorts.

Golte Ski Resort has stunning views of Savinjske Alps and Karavanke mountains. As one of the top ski resorts in Slovenia, it has around 12 kilometers of family-friendly (and not so steep) ski slopes and 5 kilometers of cross-country skiing tracks around the ski resort. Among the many restaurants, bars, and hotels in the area, Golte Ski Resorts hotel has all the necessities other than ski slopes. They offer wellness and spa centers with several different saunas and massages, pool areas and more!

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