TOP Caves in Slovenia

županova jama grosuplje

Did you know Slovenia has around 10,000 caves and underground systems? This week we take you on an underground trip to the top caves in Slovenia that you simply cannot miss while visiting Slovenia.

Exploring the vast underground caves in Slovenia is an amazing experience. Beautifully preserved Slovenian caves such as the world-renowned Postojna and Škocjan Cave will leave you breathless and provide you with unforgettable memories of your trip to the top 10 Slovenian caves.

Postojna Cave

On the top of our list of top caves in Slovenia is without a doubt Postojna Cave or Postonjska Cave. One simply must visit Postojna Cave while on holiday in Slovenia, as this cave is a world-class attraction. Proving this statement is the fact that in 2019 Postojna Cave recorded their 39-millionth visitor. Impressive, right?

Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave is the most visited cave in Europe. Its beauty attracts people from all over the world, proving itself as one of the top caves in Slovenia once more. Once you enter the majestic Postojna Cave a special train will take you deep into the subterranean underground world, which has been operating for over 140 years. Did you know Postojna Cave is actually the only karst cave in the world that has a built-in railway?

In Postojna Cave you will be able to see the most unusual rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites like you will find nowhere else in the world. Explore the underground halls, galleries, and meet the animals who have lived underground for centuries.

Not only is Postojna Cave one of the largest caves in Slovenia it is also the home to little-dragon-like-creatures know as the olm or human fish (in Latin Proteus anguinus).

Not far from one of the top 10 caves in Slovenia, Postojna Cave, you will find a storylike castle, which has the largest cave castle system in the world. You might have heard about the Predjama Castle before where lived the courageous Erazem Predjamski in the 15th century. Explore the beautiful Predjama Castle after taking a dive underground at Postojna Cave.

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Predjama castle

Škocjan Caves

Next on our list of top caves in Slovenia is Škocjan Caves. Discover the deepest and largest underground canyon in the entire world. Škocjan Caves are one of the most unique and beautiful hidden treasures of Slovenia. No wonder Škocjan Caves are under the UNSECO heritage protection.

Just like the Postojna cave, Škocjan caves are located in the karst region of Slovenia. Visit this top Slovenian cave while on holidays in Slovenia and gaze upon one of the world’s most unique natural phenomena. After entering the Škocjan Caves the corridor will lead you to the most impressive opening in the cave, where your horizon will surely be broadened as the largest underground canyon will open itself up to you.

On the trail, which is opened for visitors you will be able to cross a few bridges and enjoy the views of underground waterfalls. There are around 26 underground waterfalls found in the Škocjan Caves. In Škocjan Caves you will be able to see stalagmites that have grown over 15 meters in height. Underneath the bridges and some 500 steps you will also see the underground karst river, which has created several creations in Škocjan Caves. he area surrounding Škocjan Caves is a regional park – an area of protected natural and cultural heritage.

Vilenica Cave

Number 3 on our list of top Slovenian caves in Vilenica Cave. This Slovenian cave is quite special and mysterious if we can say so ourselves. The age of Vilenica cave is yet to be determined. Perhaps she is a bit shy and doesn’t want to reveal its true age. This top Slovenian cave was carved out by a karst river.

All jokes aside, this stunning Slovenian cave hosts the final event of the Vilenica International Literary Festival. in its first hall, also known as the Dance hall. Vilenica Cave is also known as the first and oldest show cave in the world! How about that!

Vilenica Cave has been a huge inspiration for artists from around the world, due to its diverse shapes of the stalactites and stalagmites. Once you enter the Vilenica cave you will see that this cave formation comes in many different and magical colors. From dancing, literature, and paintings – Vilenica Cave is an inspiration for all.

Vilenica Cave

Križna Jama cave

This top cave in Slovenia will provide you with a unique experience. Križna Jama cave in Slovenia will let you get connected to the underground world and awaken your senses. If you are in for a bit of an adventure then visiting this top Slovenian cave is a must on your bucket list while visiting Slovenia. Križna Jama cave is, in fact, the only natural reserved tourist cave in Slovenia. You won’t find and strong lighting or concrete pathways or steps in this top Slovenian cave.

Križna Jama Cave is a top cave in Slovenia, due to its many emerald-green subterranean lakes, which you will be able to see and cross together with the team of experienced cavers. No worries, visiting Križna Jama cave is safe. Križna jams cave features magnificent Karstic chambers, where many, many centuries ago cave bears hibernated in during the ice age (they actually found a part of the skeleton, which can been seen during the tour in Križna Jama cave). Similar to Škocjan Caves, this top cave in Slovenia features its very own natural phenomena. It is an active water cave with sinter dams, lakes, and flowing water, which creates different rock forms, such as facets, grooves, and ceiling pockets.

Peter Gedei

In Križna Jama cave you will be able to see many different animal species. Until the year 2000, they discovered 50 underground animal species in Križna Jama cave, which ranks the cave 4th in the world by its diversity. Furthermore, archaeologists discovered a large amount of old pottery, the oldest of which is almost 5 thousand years old (from the time of Eneolithic, about 2800 B. C.) in this top Slovenian cave.

Kostanjevica Cave

Near the Gorjanci Hills, you will find our next top cave in Slovenia. Kostanjevica Cave lies underneath Kostanjevica. This small karst cave was created with the help of underground watercourses and many tectonic shifts, which also created the wonderful calcareous sinter over the last thousands of years.

Kostanjevica cave in Slovenia features fascinating and rich in stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes. In 1937 a rapid increase of the subterranean water fractured the rock and opened a natural entrance for the people of the surrounding village of Kostanjevica. The length of the cave is a bit more than 2 kilometers but cavers are still exploring the entire cave system.

Pekel Cave

Our next underground stop will take us to the karst jewel in the heart of the Štajerska region. Pekel Cave was formed with the help of the Ponikvica creek, which ran over the plateau of the Ponikva karst that seeped through the calciferous ground and created a magical underground karstic cave in the middle of the Lower Savinja Valley.  This top cave in Slovenia is over 3 million years old!

Pekel Cave

The name of the Pekel Cave translated to Hell Cave. But no worries this cave will not literally take you to hell. However, with a tiny bit of imagination, one can see an image of the Devil above the entrance of this top Slovenian cave. The path in the cave is protected, but be careful as it can be a bit slippery. In Pekel Cave you will be able to see numerous stalactite formations and side tunnels rise all the way towards the 4m high underground waterfall on the Peklenščica creek, which is also the highest underground waterfall in Slovenia.

Snežna Cave or Snow Cave

This top cave in Slovenia was not named after Jon Snow. Just to put that out there. Snežna or Snow cave is located on the slopes of Raduha, at a whopping 1556 meters above the sea level. Snežna Cave is the highest cave in Slovenia.

In the Snežna Cave you will be able to see where the ice lakes are located. The ceiling of the cave is adorned by icy stalactites, making this top Slovenian cave a bit more chilly. The Ice Hall continues into a narrow part, named the Snow Forest. The path then guides us on to the Dining Room and the Hall of Staghorn stalactites.

Pivka Cave

Next on our list of top caves in Slovenia is the Pivka Cave, which was formed by the subterranean Pivka River before the river finally disappears and resurfaces in the Planina Cave.

The Pivka Cave entrance is located 5 km from the Postojna Cave. You can visit two top Slovenian caves while in that region. The 65-meter deep entrance of this top Slovenian cave can be reached by walking 317 steps. The path takes visitors along the Pivka River towards the Black Cave, after which they get back to the surface and return through a forest.

Pivka Cave

Zupanova Jama Cave

In the vicinity of a small town of Grosuplje, around half-way to castle Turjak, lies the underground karst cave Županova jama cave, which is one of the top caves in Slovenia.

Zupanova Jama cave was formed trough millennia of running underground water. This top Slovenian cave was discovered by a local mayor in 1926 and is thus called “The Mayor’s Cave”. Today you this top cave in Slovenia is welcoming you to visit the seven underground chambers, richly decorated by flowstone forms.