How to pronounce Slovenia?


How to properly pronounce the name of the country that has LOVE in it?

We hear many variations of how people pronounce the name of our country – Slovenia. From Slovakia (which is not even Slovenia, to begin with .. but ok) to Sloveniah (there is no “h” in the name Slovenia), and so on. Pronouncing Slovenia is not that hard or at least it shouldn’t be, right? At least the word Slovenia does not have any of that weird letter that has the upside-down roofs (also known as tick, caron or wedge) above them, which makes no sense to foreigners. You know which I am talking about … č, š and ž!

We want to make sure you will be saying Slovenia correctly before you visit our stunning country on the sunny side of Alps.

How to pronounce Slovenia?

Pronunciation in the UK english: /sləˈviː.ni.ə/

Pronunciation in the US english: /sloʊˈviː.ni.ə/

Check out both versions and their pronunciations at Cambridge Dictionary, here.

You know what they say practice makes perfect. SO watch the video below and practice, practice, practice.

How not to pronounce or write Slovenia?

Very often we see people who write the name of our country wrong. Here are some of the examples:

  • Sloveniah (not sure if they thought Slovenian or …)
  • Slovonija or Slovonia
  • Slovenya (Excuse you?)
  • Slevenya
  • Sloevnia
  • Solenia
  • Slovenie (totally fine if you are French … if not excuse my French but you are wrong)
  • Slovakia (rookie mistake … We don’t ever want to see this mistake)
  • Zlovenia (there is not “Z” in Slovenia)
  • Slevenia (I mean … what?)
  • Shlovenia (For sure)
  • Shlevenia
  • Slovonya
  • Solvenia
  • Slovinia
  • Slovanistan
  • Slovania

Start learning Slovenian before your trip.

Slovenian language is special, to say the least. Learn more about it here.

Want to curse in Slovenian language (not that we encourage this kind of behavior), but Slovenian language has funny curse words which usually make no sense. With them, you probably won’t really offend anyone. Check out the funniest Slovenian curse words, here.