Reško lake


Created in the 1970s in place of a mill and a smaller dam

45.577232, 14.788182

The artificial Reško lake is located in the valley underneath Kočevska Reka, in the middle of the mysterious forests of Kočevje. It was created in the 1970s in place of a mill and a smaller dam. Many different streams and seasonal torrents replenish its waters, which is why the level of the lake changes drastically during the year. When visiting, you could be greeted by an empty gully, which sometimes gives off a feeling you came to some unknown desert.

The upper part of the lake is registered as a forest reserve and is home to numerous fish, crustaceans and forest animals and is therefore considered a crucial natural habitat. The lake is surrounded by thick forest, the nesting ground of the endangered white-tailed eagle, whose name adorns the educational path surrounding the lake. Signs carrying more in-depth information and interesting facts about Slovenia’s largest eagle adorn the walkway.

The lower part of the lake is dedicated to different types of sports, especially sports fishing, which is only allowed with the use of a boat.

While walking around the lake, you can mount one of the bird-watching treehouses and enjoy the views of the surrounding forests. Taking the road towards Reško lake, you can, with a prior reservation, visit the mysterious Škrilj bunker complex, which was, in times of Socialist Yugoslavia, an integral part of a large, closed-off military district.

Source: THE Slovenia Lakes

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