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NEW: THE Slovenia Lakes

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The book is expected to be released in end of July 2020.


The first 100 pre-orders receive the author’s autograph and a special “sweet” gift

(handmade black chocolate with sea salt, for an even sweeter read!)

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An Insider’s Guide to the Best Lakes of Slovenia

101 top lakes | Countless lake trip ideas

1 charming country | 1 passionate lover of lakes | 1 amazing book

Manca Korelc – a letter to her lakes

Manca Korelc is the power behind the Moja jezera project. She decided to visit all Slovenian lakes with the bike. By the time of writing, she has cycled to more than 1050 lakes all around the country. She is undoubtedly the biggest lover of lakes. Read her letter to the lakes.

What the artists say about lakes

We asked some artists, how they feel about lakes. The writers, photografers, and poets … they all have a special connections to the lakes. What is it?

Welcome to Slovenia – a country of lakes

The Slovenia Lakes book will present the biggest, the deepest, the highest and the lowest lake in Slovenia. You will meet some special places in Slovenia, called just like the lakes.

We will introduce you to heart shape lakes, intermittent lakes, underground lakes and the most interesting tales around lakes. Did you know that Slovenia is a land of dragons?

Lake trips

In the end of the book I will invite you to 9 all day lake trips and 3 lake cycling tours. And because her wish is that lakes live long after you read the book, a book has some blank pages for your lake plan.

We invite you to dive into the amazing world of Slovenian Lakes and let yourself be inspired by charming lakes of sLOVEnia.


About Manca Korelc

Manca is an extremely energetic freelance entrepreneur from Kočevje, a heartfelt lakes researcher, a passionate lecturer and a keen sportswoman. He holds a Master of Business Degree and a business in digital marketing, and has been focusing on LinkedIn for the past 2 years.

Her personality is most defined by her constant desire to progress in all areas. She likes to go beyond herself, as she enjoys the most out of her comfort zone.

Since the spring of 2017, when the Moja jezera project originated, its daily routine has been intertwined with lakes. Cycling and discovering the stagnant waters of Slovenia has become her lifestyle. She loves the lakes so much, that she dedicated her life to them.

A look inside the book

Welcome to Slovenia, the land of lakes

Types of standing water

Lakes in superlatives

Places with the word lake

Heart-shaped lakes

Legends of lakes

101 lakes

Lake trips

Letters from followers

Lake Notes

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