Coronavirus in Slovenia: more than 50 people tested


As confirmed cases with Coronavirus rise, what is the latest status update on Coronavirus in Slovenia?

So far a total of 59 people have been tested for a possible Coronavirus infection in Slovenia. All the test results have come back negative reports Slovenian Ministry of Health.

Slovenia remains without any confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Public institutions in Slovenia have started taking precautionary measures to protect staff against Coronavirus infections, including by canceling some major public events, although the Health Ministry says there is no reason to call off public events. Schools, universities, and kindergartens remain open amid the major outbreak in neighbor countries. The University of Ljubljana has called in all the students who recently returned from their Erasmus exchange to come in for testing. All the results came back negative.

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Public transport has not been called off to Italy, Austria or Croatia after the governments have confirmed the presence of Coronavirus. The officials advise against traveling to Italy, which has become the biggest zone of Coronavirus outbreak outside China with more than 400 confirmed cases.

Slovenian government to take action against a possible outbreak of Coronavirus in Slovenia

According to the recent announcement by the Prime Minister in the resignation of Marjan Sarac, the government, which is conducting ongoing operations, will consider the material on emergency measures for more people infected with the new Coronavirus. So far, no infection has been confirmed in Slovenia and the health authorities are monitoring the events on a daily basis. In doing so, they underline the need for proportionality of measures.

Democrats (SDS) head and likely new PM Janez Janša suggested Slovenia should activate the Civil Protection Service. Read more about his pledge and changes he wants to include as the new Slovenian prime minister, here.

The spread of the Coronavirus in Europe has frightened many Slovenes; health and educational institutions are preparing for the Coronavirus outbreak in Slovenia. Due to the panic in Slovenia many shops have almost been emptied out as people prepare for the worst and fear there will be no food left in case of a major Coronavirus outbreak in Slovenia. Store representatives from Mercator and Hofer Slovenia have stated there is no reason to panic and fear that the food resources will be emptied.

In the case of a major outbreak of Coronavirus in Slovenia, there are several scenarios for dealing with the epidemic the health institutions confirm. If the number of infected with Coronavirus in Slovenia will be higher, civil protection will be activated, the army, police, military medical service, and hospital within 72 hours.

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If there is a risk of communicable diseases that could endanger the health of the wider Slovenian population, the government may decide to apply the measures laid down in the Law on Infectious Diseases. Specific measures include, inter alia, the early detection of sources of infection and infectious disease patients, diagnosis, quarantine, and disinfection. The release of commodity reserves for protective equipment is expected, which will be coordinated across the terrain following a government decision.

The spread of Coronavirus is also causing problems in Slovenia, especially in the economy, especially in the tourism and manufacturing sectors and in logistics. Find out how much the outbreak of Coronavirus is affecting Slovenia, here.

The Coronavirus nears Slovenia’s border

As the biggest outbreak of the virus in Europe is happening in neighboring Italy. The death toll in northern Italy has risen to at least 12 in the last 24 hours. Officials believe the Coronavirus will eventually appear also in Slovenia. Nova Gorica, which is visited by many Italians on a daily basis, says its hospitals are prepared to take in patients with the Coronavirus and is advising people to postpone any regular medical check-ups they might have.

As the novel coronavirus is spreading fast in neighboring Italy, Slovenian health minister assured the public on Sunday that there was no reason for alarm, even though there are more than 400 cases with Coronavirus confirmed in Italy. The rise of confirmed cases infected with Coronavirus in Italy represents a 25 % surge in 24 hours. The outbreak of Coronavirus has become the main focus of infection in Europe since the number of confirmed cases has increased drastically last week.

Municipalities bordering Italy are also concerned. Istrian municipalities want the government to prioritize their area for increased coronavirus exposure.

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The Schengen borders for those traveling from Slovenia to Italy, Austria, and Croatia remain open until further notice. Despite the conformation of Coronavirus outbreak in Italy, Austria, and Croatia