Coronavirus in Italy: The Biggest outbreak in Europe


The number of Coronavirus cases in Italy has jumped to 400, amid international efforts to contain the spread of the deadly outbreak.

The outbreak of Coronavirus in Italy remains the biggest one in Europe so far. The number of confirmed cases jumped from 320 to 400 in less than 24 hours. The rise of confirmed cases infected with Coronavirus in Italy represents a 25 % surge in 24 hours. The outbreak of Coronavirus has become the main focus of infection in Europe since the number of confirmed cases has increased drastically last week.

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Yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed for the first time that the Coronavirus is spreading faster outside in China. Globally, more than 82,000 people in about 40 countries have been infected with the new Coronavirus, which emerged in December. So far the virus has killed more than 2700 people.

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The worst-affected areas with Coronavirus in Italy are in the industrial north of the country – Lombardy, the region around Milan, and Veneto near Venice. The outbreak of Coronavirus in Italy has killed 12 people so far. More than 100,000 people have been quarantined in hospitals, while another 55,000 people have been quarantined at home in more than eleven tows, where Coronavirus has inflected the most people.

Government officials have sought to reassure the public, and insisted steps were being taken to prevent the spread of the disease. The borders with Italian neighbor countries remain open. Italian government fears that the outbreak of Coronavirus in Italy will cause an economic recession in the country.

Schools, universities, and cinemas have been closed and several public events canceled due to the major outbreak of Coronavirus in Italy.

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