Gostilna As

gostilna as

One of Slovenia’s first truly world class designed restaurants when it opened its doors in the centre of Ljubljana some two decades ago, in the years since it hasn’t missed a beat, still serving some of the very best Mediterranean-inspired cuisine in the city.

Some of the standouts on the menu are the seafood specialities, served as both starters and main courses. Gostilna As also serves a range of steaks that are grilled to order on an open-fire. When in doubt over what to eat, one can rely on the friendly staff for recommendations, as well as for guidance with the equally excellent wine list.

To start with, we present you with a basket of home-made bread and Karst olive oil, then we bring you barbecued jumbo scallops, which will transport your mind’s eye to a sunny terrace somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. After a while you smell the thyme and rosemary, constituent parts of the home-made seafood pasta, but you really get the sense of them in combination with a glass of local Malvasia wine, at which point you will be forgiven for never wanting to drink any other wine.



Čopova 1, 1000 Ljubljana

+386 1 425 88 22, [email protected], www.gostilnaas.si

Chef: Mara Borac, Sommelier: Svetozar Raspopović

Cuisine: international, modern

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