Your ultimate Alpine trip to the vanished Lakes of Slemenova Špica


Nestled in the enchanting Slovenian alpine landscape, there once existed a hidden gem – the cherished “modra očesca” or “blue little eyes” of Slemenova Špica.

These serene lakes once served as grazing pastures for sheep tended by shepherds from Vršič. Unfortunately, the passage of time has seen these tranquil lakes fade away, but they live on in the memories of hikers, travelers, and lake enthusiasts alike. .

The story of “little blue eyes” of Slemenova Špica fading away

In the past, these “little eyes” of Slemenova Špica served as important grazing lands for sheep in the Slovenian alpine region. Due to the high altitude, finding enough pastures was often challenging, making these small lakes valuable spaces for sheep to graze and rest. However, changes in grazing patterns over time resulted in the gradual disappearance of these beloved lakes.

As the sheep visited the area less frequently, the “modra očesca” were slowly forgotten, embraced by the encroaching embrace of nature. Today, grass and foliage now cover the spots where the once sparkling azure lakes used to be.

The Lakes of Slemenova Špica disappeared. Photo: Franci Pogačar, 2016

The last time water was present was in 2016. In 2015, there was still plenty of water, but the following year brought a change. From then on, the lakes gradually disappeared.

Though the lakes are no longer physically present, their memory lives on in the hearts of those who once admired their beauty.

Slemenova Špica – a scenic retreat

Despite the absence of the “modra očesca,” Slemenova Špica continues to stand as a breathtaking viewpoint, drawing hikers, travelers, and nature enthusiasts with its alluring charm.

The picturesque panorama of Jalovec, the iconic mountain, still captivates the hearts of visitors. This very spot has even served as a backdrop for the legendary film “Kekec,” adding to its allure and fascination.

The evergreen Slovenian movie “Kekec,” filmed in 1951, featured some of its enchanting scenes at the lakes of Slemenova Špica.

For avid hikers, travelers, and lake lovers, these now-vanished lakes held a special place in their hearts. Seemingly ordinary ponds, to mountain lovers, were often the primary reason to visit Slemenova Špica.

Though the “modra očesca” are no longer visible on Slemenova Špica, their legacy lives on

These little lakes serve as a reminder that every lake has its own lifespan. They dried up before our eyes, yet they haven’t entirely vanished, as they live on in beautiful photographs and in our hearts.

As you explore the wonders of the Slovenian alps, take a moment to appreciate the present and create your own lasting memories in this breathtaking landscape.

One of the last reflections of Jalovec in the lakes of Slemenova Špica, June 2016 Photo: Franci Pogačar, source Slovenske novice