TOP Alpine Slovenia Restaurants of 2020


Find out which top restaurants from Alpine Slovenia qualified The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020!

You can feel the beauty of green Slovenia as you enjoy a view of the famous Lake Bled and the beloved Lake Bohinj. The region spreads out from the Julian Alps, Triglav National Park, to the renowned holiday destination of Kranjska Gora, the stunning region of Koroška, or visit the Soča River Valley, the mighty Kamnik and Savinja Alps to green Pohorje Mountains and capital of region Maribor, the city with the oldest vineyard in the world, – no matter where you go, an incredible experience awaits you.


Here is a selection of TOP Alpine Slovenia restaurants in the region selected by The Slovenia Restaurant Awards:

City Terasa

City Terasa is a meeting point for excellent Adriatic cuisine, café culture and sky lounge experience. It is the first choice for fine wine lovers, business lunches, after-work parties and first-class clubbings. Our excellent menu is inspired by a mix of modern and traditional Mediterranean flavor. City Terasa offers unique views of Drava River and Pohorje

Dom na Joštu

If you are tempted to discover new culinary experiences with stunning views, we kindly invite you to visit us! Our chef Matjaž still enjoys the creation of every dish, especially the preparation of fresh home-made seasonal ingredients. He always strives for the harmony of flavors and wants to cook only the best when cooking. In addition, he always spices the preparation of the dish with an abundance of humor and goodwill, which is especially pleasing to all his guests.


Fudo: conversation over coffee or a glass of wine, a culinary experience – and you. Fudo is an urban gathering place for young and old who are united by their passion for good food, fine wine and good times on Maribor’s most lively street. Fudo offers a unique menu that stresses local, organically produced ingredients, excellent wines and more. We’re guided by a desire to be original, better and the best. We offer a culinary fusion without borders and rules, inspired by ideas from producers and markets stalls – colorful and joyful.

Gostilna Ančka

While it would be all but impossible to find a consensus choice for the label of Best Traditional Restaurant in Slovenia, Ančka is definitely one of the names on the shortlist. Known first and foremost for its štruklji – a typical Slovenian dumpling – the menu is a veritable encyclopedia of heavy meat dishes, and the portions so large that taking home leftovers is all but guaranteed. Despite its popularity, it’s not the largest restaurant in Slovenia, so you’ll either need a reservation or lots of luck to get a table here at the weekends. Located well outside Ljubljana, it’s easy enough to find just down the road from the airport.

Gostilna Delalut

You do not have to worry about this type of serving or as they will choose the right dish for you. The slow food dining menu allows you to put it together to your liking or leave the choice of dishes and wines to us. As this type of food is very individually oriented, it is advisable to make a reservation in advance so that we can better address you

Gostilna Grič

Luka Košir is the excellent chef behind Gostilna Grič. In the village of Šentjošt nad Horjulom is the delightful Gostilna Grič. Many places may claim the old ‘traditional food with a modern twist’, but Grič certainly delivers on that promise. It all starts with Luka Košir, one of the best young chefs in Slovenia, who earned his stripes under the mentorship of the famed Janez Bratovž at JB Restaurant. Luka has a simple philosophy “good ingredients make good food, and you do not need a silver spoon to eat it”.

Read what he thinks about the arrival of the Michelin Guide, here.

Gostilna in penzion Resje

The most important thing in their kitchen is fresh and high-quality cooking ingredients, which is why their menu changes with the seasons. The menu is not the longest, because we prefer quality over quantity. The menu choices may seem modest, but we promise that their flavors are always lavish. Their head chef and owner of the Resje Bed and Breakfast is the man behind the idea of traditional Slovenian dishes, prepared in a modern way.

Gostilna Krištof

Located in the village of Predoslje, Gostilna Krištof has a reputation as one of the best restaurants in Slovenia and for good reason. The family that runs it is said to have been in the culinary business for more than 700 years, so it’s safe to say you’re in good hands here. The setting exudes tradition and history but modernity and contemporary ideas dominate the menu, while the marriage of rural ambiance and modern Slovene cuisine is tough to match. It all starts with the ingredients, most of which are organic and locally procured. This is elegance in restaurant form, with plenty of ambition and creativity nestled in the corner. One of the best restaurants in Slovenia? You better believe it.


Gostilna Kunstelj

Kunstelj Inn is located in the heart of Radovljica and since 1873 has been known for its family hospitality and excellent Slovenian cuisine. Kunstelj Inn is also known for the fact that the former Yugoslav president, Josip Broz Tito, was a frequent guest. Kunstelj Inn offers a traditional Slovenian restaurant with special dining premises, comfortable rooms (10 rooms), a wine cellar with archive wines and a beautiful summer garden that offers a magical view of the green valley of the Sava river and the white peaks of the Julian alps with the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav in the background.

Gostilna Lectar

In the beautiful town of Radovljica in the heart of the Gorenjska region, you’ll find the excellent Gostilna Lectar. Traditional local dishes are celebrated here and the Gostilna strives to keep the Slovenian culture alive in homage to the generations before them. In the adjoining museum, you can learn the craft of gingerbread making which Lectar still produces today. These brightly colored delicacies are beautifully decorated and were traditionally given as tokens of love for centuries.

Gostilna Lešnik

Cozy and elegant rooms were named after trees and herbs that can be found in their carefully looked-after surroundings and represent a vital part of our tradition. Here is where you will feel at home.    

Gostilna Maribor

Gostilna Maribor – where stories from the past are intertwined with contemporary culinary experiences. Being aware of the tradition of the house in which Gostilna Maribor resides, its location on Main Square in Maribor and the love for Styrian cuisine, we have designed the culinary offer in a way to present our local cuisine to foreign visitors and the broader region, while at the same time refreshing the memory of the local guests about their grandmothers’ cuisine.


Gostilna Pr’ Bizjak

At the foot of the mighty Storzic, away from the bustle of the city, in the middle of the small village of Zgornja Bela, stands the Pr´ Bizjak Inn, a Slovenian inn with more than two hundred years of tradition.

Gostilna Pri treh ribnikih

The restaurant »Pri treh ribnikih« with rich tradition and a beautiful wine cellar, is situated in the magnificent surrounding of the town’s park. Restaurant Pri treh Ribnikih also named ‘Klicek’ is the oldest restaurant in Maribor and operates continuously since the year 1825. Our kitchen goodies are based on traditional Slovenian and regional recipes with a touch of modernity in the preparation and presentation of dishes. Accompanying the dishes is a selection of Slovenian wines with an emphasis on regional wine producers.

Hiša Franko

Roundly regarded by gourmands, amateur foodies, tourists and locals alike as one of the best restaurants in the country, and currently ranked as the 38th best restaurant in the world, it’s not uncommon for diners to make the trip to Slovenia for the express purpose of eating here. Run by a husband and wife team, Ana Roš, who has been hailed as one of the best female chefs in the world, is in charge of the kitchen, while Valter Kramar’s knowledge of Slovenian wines and cheeses is unrivaled.

Hiša Polonka

A new Kobarid tavern that rides on the popularity of the best chefs in the world Ana Roš, as well as local and traceable food. For all lovers of indigenous flavors and beer brewed with friends Walter Kramar.

Hiša Raduha

Opened in 1875, Hiša Raduha has been passed down through generations, with it now being head chef Martina Breznik’s turn to take the reins. Breznik places special emphasis on imaginative and innovative approaches when crafting dishes, while also balancing a deep admiration for tradition. The bountiful nature found right outside Hiša Raduha, the exquisite dishes, and the option of staying overnight at one of their guest rooms makes Hiša Raduha an exclusive romantic getaway. Raduha offers inclusive overnight stay packages that come at a slightly expensive price, but the experience more than makes up for it.

Hotel Plesnik

Located in the Slovenian town of Solčava, in the Logarska Valley, Hotel Plesnik offers a newly renovated wellness, ayurvedic and massage center with an indoor Whirpool, a sauna, rest area with panoramic view, outdoor natural pool and a sun terrace with views of the Alps. Guests can sample traditional and international cuisine at the on-site restaurant with a terrace and a bar.


Miza za štiri

The smallest Slovenian restaurant moved from a studio in Maribor to a house in Zgornja Polskava, but still remained – the best among the smallest! All that intimate, personal, authentic and “unprofessional” that adorned her already on the block remained, only multiplying x 4 (tables).

Restavracija 1906

Located in the stately four-star Hotel Triglav Bled (which, you guessed it, was founded in 1906), a meal here is guaranteed to be a fine dining experience of the highest order. The kitchen team creates some simply wonderful dishes, all of which are modern interpretations of traditional Slovene recipes, methods, and ingredients, and views of Bled Lake and its famed church from the bay windows are truly stunning.

It’s of our personal favorites, and we’re not alone, in 2011, the restaurant and its culinary school was awarded the prestigious Jakob Prize, given each year at Slovenia’s largest tourism fair to only one worthy winner. 

Restavracija Mak

Despite being a little out of the way and not possessing the most inspiring of interiors, Restavracija Mak has forged a reputation as Maribor’s finest restaurant, a testament to the supreme quality of its food if ever there was one. Sure, the food at Mak isn’t cheap, but the food of this standard rarely ever is. For guests, a meal at Mak is an education in appreciating the art of cooking, something that is increasingly being lost in the fast-pace of the modern world. Its attention to detail is truly second to none.

Restavracija Milka

How does a toothsome plate of traditional Slovene cuisine with the drama of jagged mountaintops for company sound? Slovenia is chockfull of romantic restaurants but it is difficult to imagine a more convivial setting than where we find Milka, an old fashioned mountain restaurant just a 15-minute walk from Kranjska Gora.

That walk is particularly alluring, a riverside stroll through a most verdant forest, an amble that will certainly help work up an appetite ahead of a magnificent meal at Milka. Who knew that a few years in Scotland could produce such inspiration. Stunning vistas and delightful food await.


Restavracija Sedem

Restavracija Sedem, a culinary school restaurant, is located right in the heart of Maribor’s center. Its students take much of the responsibility that comes with operating a restaurant which includes welcoming guests, organizing themselves and creating reasonably priced diverse dishes. With a coffee shop attached with delicious sweets and cocktails and their offer of grabbing a ‘’to go’’ basket for two, Restavracija Sedem is sure to produce a great meal.

Restavracija Topli Val

After a day full of poso adrenaline, guests from all over the world stumble and line up the inns and restaurants of the tourist resort, which has the Hotel Hvala hotel in the center, with a sea terrace on the sidewalk of Main Street. Warm Wave has a history of a restaurant that was once known as the best continental fish restaurant in Slovenia. After a few business years of turmoil, he is back in the family and young hands, knowing that the quality of ingredients only needs two, as much space on the table and as little as possible the ego chef. It’s really fresh from the sea and doesn’t really compliment the kitchen – make sure you have oysters and mixed shells in the steam room.


A restaurant, shop, café, wine bar, and club all in one, Rožmarin is one of our favorite spots for food in Maribor. Opened by former professional tennis player Saša Arsenovič, this sleeker than sleek establishment offers a varied menu that drips in quality from top to bottom, and the experience and passion for food are impossible to ignore. Their chefs prepare fresh daily breakfasts, lunches and tasting menus, and for the more social eaters shared plates are available in the evenings. We also can’t speak highly enough of the cheerful staff. A true delight.

Vila Podvin

Set in a beautifully restored 14th-century castle some 2 km east of Radovljica, Vila Podvin features seven comfortable guest rooms and suites, but the real highlight here is in the kitchen, which is run by one of Slovenia’s top chefs, Uroš Štefelin. Renowned for transforming traditional Slovene cuisine using modern culinary techniques, Štefelin prepares his own unique dishes with local ingredients and ample creativity. Already a popular venue for weddings, the Podvin estate also hosts other private events, offers horseback riding and cooking workshops, and even has a selection of souvenirs representing Slovenia’s rich cultural heritage.

Vila Prešeren

Housed in a 19th-century villa at the base of the castle on the shores of Lake Bled, the restaurant’s location is second to none. They offer a menu of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, paired with some superb local wines and regularly host wine and music events. Dishes are beautifully presented and can be enjoyed in the modern, stylish dining area or out on the large terrace where the view of the lake will only enhance the dining experience. Accommodation is also available.