TOP Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia restaurants of 2020


Find out which top restaurants from Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia qualified The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020!

While the Mediterranean towns of Piran, Izola, and Koper entice visitors with their medieval town centers, Portorož invites them with its holiday attractions. Salt harvesters can be seen hard at work on the Sečovlje Salt Pans, and the Karst with Postojna Cave, Škocjan Caves, and Vilenica cave boasts the most stunning underground worlds on the planet. This region is also home to the noble Lipizzaner horse.

The land of vine-rich hills of Goriška Brda is famous for its enticing high-quality aromatic wine, and you can taste it at tourist farms and in wineries. With its myriad of exciting tastes and adventures, the Vipava Valley has also been recommended by the prestigious Lonely Planet, the travel guidebook giant.


Here is a selection of TOP Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia restaurants in the region selected by The Slovenia Restaurant Awards:


Aviopub is particularly famous for its excellent food. Our pizzas are famous all over. We can also boast excellent steaks, salads, and lasagna. In addition to excellent food, we can also boast a very wide range of bottled wines from domestic winemakers. If you really like some tried-and-tested wine or you need a gift, you can buy bottles at special prices. Let us invite you to our company. Just shoot from Postojna, a couple of bends from the highway and right next to the airport.


Chang the restaurant offers Beijing, Sichuan, Cantonese as well as Shanghai culinary delicacies. The dishes can be accompanied by a selection of authentic Chinese beverages, such as mandarin and plum wine, Chinese beer and bamboo spirits. There is enough space. Along with the large outdoor terrace and a playroom, we offer special spaces for larger groups, business meetings, and other events.


The restaurant tradition of the Matjaž family dates back to the second half of the 19th century, according to oral tradition, and the documented history begins when Jože Matjaž (Philip’s great-grandfather) opens the Tavern at Kočerju in Mozirje in 1908. The daughters Helena and Marija Matjaž continue the tradition. The family tradition continued with Filip their youngest son, who decided to take over the family business and have his own restaurant – COB. The idea was to open a new restaurant with different concepts, where he could be more connected with his guests and be able to offer them more than just-food.

He called it Cooking Outside the Box (in short COB), where guests will discover Slovenian gastronomy in an unexpected and interactive way. A unique storytelling menu was presented.

Domačija Belica

This beautiful homestead sits in the picturesque village of Medana in the hills of Goriška Brda and dates back to 1898. They offer traditional local cuisine with a touch of modern magic. With a menu that changes with the season you’re guaranteed to be offered a variety of dishes made with only the freshest ingredients. Their homemade meat delicacies include prosciutto, salami, and pancetta which pair beautifully with a selection of top wines from the surrounding Brda region.

Domačija Butul

Everything in Butul homestead revolves around the world-famous herb garden, where guests are greeted with more than 50 varieties of herbs and fragrances, and with the scent of the seas and charms of the Mediterranean, as well as olive and olive oil, malmsey and refosco and local food prepared in a superb way. We organize themed culinary workshops, tasting dinners or lunches, and – for those who sleep over with us – paradise breakfasts.

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Domačija Kabaj Morel

The mild climate and the landscape have had a significant influence on the cuisine of Goriška Brda. The variety of traditions (Slovene, Friulian, Habsburg) have intertwined on this strip of land, giving »Brda« cuisine its special touch. At the Kabaj homestead, they used the old recipes, giving rich Brda cuisine a touch of Mediterranean, a touch of creativity.

Domačija Majerija

This villa outside the village of Slap is one of the premier gastronomic destinations of the region, and, budget permitting, a perfect place to end a day of wine tasting in Vipava. A head chef who moonlights as a professor at a culinary school in Trieste endows the place with a certain pedigree and also guarantees a steady stream of Italian visitors at the weekends. All the ingredients are freshly sourced from local producers (or the herb garden out back), and the oft-changing menu is seasonal, focussing on light Mediterranean cuisine during the warmer months and hearty central European dishes in the fall and winter. Highly recommended.

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Domačija Šajna

The village of Šepulje lies in the midst of a slightly rolling karst plateau at the foothills of a low hill, which protects it from the north wind. It is surrounded by vineyards, planted in the fertile terra Rossa (reddish soil). In spite of its location, along the road crossing the Karst from Sežana to Štanjel and up to Nova Gorica, it is far away from the noisy life in towns. Only titmice chant their melody in the morning, vine leaves rustle in vineyards exposed to the sun, and, from time to time, the north wind whistles its sharp tune at the window.


A house of different tastes in the Karst, where the fire, temperament, and passion conjure up the magic of different culinary delights.

Gostilna Bujol

The Bujol Inn is a real specialty among the waterfront restaurants. It offers extremely fresh food prepared simply in the typical Slovenian coastal way. The inn owns some ancient recipes that date back over 100 years ago and are a mystery. The most mysterious is their cod, whose recipe is passed down from generation to generation.

Gostilna Kobjeglava

In Kobjeglava restaurant will experience the modernized Karst cuisine, which will take you to the harmony of flavors and the fullness of colors and aromas. The dishes we offer are constantly changing and thus adapting to the season and seasonal ingredients, the availability of which corresponds to the philosophy of 0km. The restaurant is suitable for smaller or larger groups, gourmets, weddings and other kinds of celebrations.


Gostilna Mahorčič

On your way to the coast and in the mood for a gourmet meal? A 2017 Jeunes Restaurateurs Heritage Award nominee, Gostilna Mahorčič prepares authentic dishes from the Brkini and Karst regions, using ingredients from local farmers and grocery producers. They also have local delicacies (Karst juniper berry brandy, honey, homemade biscuits) available for purchase, helping you to relive your wonderful dining experience again later.

Gostilna Podfarovž

Located in the town of Vipava near the natural spring pool, Inn Podfarovž oozes charm and character. Diners can choose from four or five-course tasting menus and indulge the senses with a selection of the chef’s culinary creations made with local ingredients, where the exquisite flavors are enhanced by the superb presentation and attention to detail. The friendly and knowledgeable staff can also suggest the perfect wine accompaniment from the selection of premium wines from the Vipava Valley.

Gostilna pri Lojzetu – Dvorec Zemono

Undoubtedly amongst the handful of restaurants that can truly claim to be the best of the best in Slovenia (and the wider region), Gostilna Pri Lojzetu has its roots in a family business that opened at the end of the 19th century. The award-winning restaurant and fourth-generation chef Tomaž Kavčič have been at their current location, Dvorec Zemono, for more than ten years. Perched on a small hill in just outside of the town of Vipava in the famed valley of the same name, in addition to the resplendent architecture and original, one-of-a-kind frescoes, the 17th century Palladian palace offers stunning views of the vineyards, peach orchards and picturesque villages that cover the breathtaking valley beneath the magnificent limestone mountain known as Nanos.

Gostilna pri Mari

The beginnings of the inn go back to 1954, when Mrs. Mara and Mr. Vili started a small home-made farmhouse in the countryside. The inn has been constantly changing and growing over the years as the good news of a friendly and welcoming inn spread to all sides.

Gostilna Ribič

Where is a place to meet friends, a place to laugh and think about the future? With pleasant music and good food, unforgettable memories are created and pleasant feelings become a part of our lives. The Pan Restaurant will remind you of beautiful times from the past, offering you a varied and comfortable present, the basis for a pleasant future. Indulge in feelings, you will meet nice people with us, your food will flow and there will be another beautiful day.


Gostilna Za gradom “Rodica”

The Rodica Inn is not only Darko and Sonja Rodica and the whole team that strives daily for the preparation of sea delicacies, but you are all who are its guests. It is a concept of an inn based on the roots of more than thirty years of tradition that skillfully controls the time and the seaside pulse of life. Tradition is also an obligation for us to continue the story that many ancestors started here many years ago at Semedelski hills near Koper. Each dish is much more than just a recipe; it is a thought related to the seasonal ingredients offered to us by nature and to local fishermen delivering fresh seafood daily. Their guide is simple; every guest should feel at home with Dark and become part of the Rodica family. We are proud that our guests are coming back for business lunch, romantic dinner, family celebrations, cruise ship guests arriving at nearby ports, celebrities or just visiting the Slovenian coast.

Gostilna Žeja

Homemade Slovenian dishes, venison dishes, fish dishes and seafood, vegetarian dishes, grilled dishes.

Hiša Marica

The old renovated homestead was named after “Nona” Marica (Grandmother Marica), who spoiled children with simple but excellent local dishes. The House of Marica is situated within the majestic walls of the picturesque medieval village of Šmartno. Once a military fort,
today, a romantic place, where it seems that time stopped long ago. The village Šmartno lies in the heart of the wine region Brda. Its strategic position on the top of the hill offers a wonderful view from the Alps to the Adriatic sea. The old village walls, narrow streets, and defense towers give this village a unique charm.

Hiša Torkla

Situated in a beautifully restored traditional 19th-century Istrian house in the charming hilltop town of Korte, the cuisine at Hiša Torkla is just as exceptional as the setting. Prepared using fresh seasonal ingredients from local farmers, hunters and fishermen, many of the dishes are based on age-old Slovene recipes with a little bit of modern innovation from head chef Sebastijan Kovačič. In addition to the main dining room, there is a large terrace that can be transformed into an enclosed winter garden during colder months, and a small private salon with a fireplace that can be reserved for special occasions.

Kužina Stara šola

In Kužina Stara šola restaurant they swear by locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, prepared according to “old school” recipes with modern equipment and techniques. That way you can experience a superb culinary adventure, created for you by chef Marko Gorela, which becomes a long-lasting memory.


Nejka in Uroš Klinec

You can’t beat a little bit of family cooking, and ‘family’ is definitely the operative word as far as Klinec Plešivo is concerned. Uroš and Nejka (not to mention Izak) have created a little slice of home in the heart of Goriška Brda – Uroš takes care of the food with an expert touch while Nejka covers the accommodation and sommelier side of things with the energy of a novice and the expertise of a veteran, all in an idyllic location fuelled with the freshest of local ingredients. If you close your eyes tight enough, you might just find yourself a new home.

Okrepčevalnica Ruj

Ruj dishes are traditional, but at the same time very different. The dishes are simple but no less superb and high. Not to mention at Okrepčevalnica Ruj the dishes are cosmopolitan, but the ingredients in them are not tired of traveling. Everything is seasonal, everything is chosen, everything is from here. Everything, then, smells great, and you can’t wait for the next one after each new meal.


Established only in 1947, after its older incarnation Gorizia was ceded to Italy and separated by an international border, the city of Nova Gorica has always been influenced by its next-door neighbour, so it comes as no surprise that some of Slovenia’s finest restaurants are found in the area.

That being the case, Pikol still manages to stand out from the pack. The location helps, as it’s tucked away on the southern edges of the Panovec forest, in a log cabin with its own private pond covered in water lilies and teeming with carp. But the cuisine is also exceptional, with a focus on fresh fish and other seafood. from the Adriatic, as is the service and rustic ambiance.

Restavracija Capra

The latest addition to Koper’s culinary arsenal, if the home page of Capra’s website doesn’t immediately make you head to the phone for reservations we aren’t sure what will. Luckily everything lives up to this tantalizing tempter in person, with an inventive menu divided by color (it makes sense, trust us) and a selection of excellent steaks, octopus, squid and much much more. Sure, it isn’t the cheapest, but it’s worth the extra cents you’ll shell out. Yes, that’s a seafood pun.

Restavracija Dam

Chef Uroš Fakuč’s Dam is on the shortlist of candidates that can expect to be given serious consideration for a Michelin star if and when the French tire makers and their eponymous red guides finally make it to Slovenia. Until then, this culinary hot spot found just outside of Nova Gorica will have to settle for being one of the country’s most praised gastronomic destinations amongst Slovene foodies.

Both the restaurant and the menu are entirely modern, with the latter focused heavily on Mediterranean cuisine and especially seafood. A place for special occasions, there are more than a dozen different varieties of Champagne on the wine list, as well as many of Slovenia’s top winemakers.


Restavracija hotela Marina

The Restaurant of Hotel Marina has a long culinary tradition. Every seafood lover will enjoy in the specialties of its renowned Chef Ivica Evačić aka Ivek. He adapts his recipes to the changing seasons and everything is cooked to order – as Ivek never reheats food or uses artificial flavour enhancers on his dishes.

To be consistent with his motto “from the sea to the plate”, he relies on the resources of Mother Nature so do not be disappointed if you are not able to get your hands on certain ingredients – we rely only on nature’s gifts.

Restavracija Kamin

Welcome to the most beautiful culinary sight in Izola. The pearl of the Belvedere Resort is the Fireplace Restaurant, which boasts a terrace with stunning views of Izola and the Gulf of Trieste.

Restavracija Noro

Špacapanova hiša

Špacapan House has been welcoming guests for over forty years. The family has a passion for food that is apparent in everything they create, from cheese and cured meat products to a wide selection of wines. What they do not produce themselves is sourced from farmers and producers in the surrounding area. Their philosophy is to create uncomplicated cuisine made from the finest ingredients available to present diners with top-quality dishes that best represent the Karst region.

Turistična Kmetija Arkade Cigoj

When you drive across Razdrto, you will have a view of the beautiful Vipava Valley. Its uniqueness and characteristic is its openness to the west, which influences the life here. A glance at the traveler tells you that there is agriculture in the Vipava Valley. Vineyards spread on the sun-soaked hills. The bora wind adds to their preciousness and that is why our valley, the valley of the bora and the sun, is enriched with an exquisite noble drop. We the people here are kindhearted. We always carry a smile on our lips and in our hearts. Our hospitality is something special, come traveler and taste it all.

Work and new ideas are being passed on from generation to generation, so our farm got a new look when father Branko and mom Zmaga handed over the farm to their son Jordan, who brought the bride Silva from Stanošina near Podlehnik to the house. He knew that Styrian women were hardworking and hardworking girls. So in 1989, we opened the door to a tourist farm, which is located in the oldest house in the village. According to old records and a portal found, its construction dates back to 1811.