Top Slovenian Wine: Modra Frankinja / Blaufränkisch

Top Slovenian wine modra frankinja Blaufränkisch

Modra Frankinja is also known as Blaufränkisch is one of the top Slovenian Wines from the Štajerska region, which is a part of the Podravje wine region.

Slovenia’s landscape offers a rich cultural and gastronomic tapestry to explore. No wonder National Geographic recognizes the Slovenian wine country as one of the top destinations for wine lovers. This week we grab our wine glasses and explore the taste and origin of Modra Frankinja. Cheers!

Modra Frankinja – favorite wine from Podravje wine region

Modra Frankinja or Blaufränkisch is a variety of Slovenian wine, which is widely spread in the wine-growing region of Podravje. Štajerska Slovenia is part of the Podravje wine region, with its wines reflecting the Germanic influence this land has often fallen under. As one of the top Slovenian wines, Modra Frankinja also grows in the five wine-growing districts of Štajerska Slovenija, Prekmurje, Bizeljsko-Sremiška, Dolenjska, and Bela krajina.

Modra Frankinja is a variety that can deliver high-quality Slovenian wine and is the leader in quality among red varieties in all listed districts.

About Modra Frankinja or Blaufränkisch

Modra Frankinja has several names. The name varies from country to country. So you might come across the following names depending on the country: Blaufränkisch or Lemberger, Blauer Limberger or Blue Limberger (Germany or Austria), Frankovka modrá (Slovakia), frankova or frankinja črna (Croatia and Serbia), modra frankinja (Slovenia), Franconia (Italy) and Kékfrankos (Hungary). The correct english version you will also come across is Blue Franconian.

Now you know all of these names actually mean it is Modra frankinja. For future references, in case you set up on a Modra Frankinja taste excursion across Europe.

Modra Frankinja is mostly known for its rather robust, fruity, dark red wine. As one of the top Slovenian wine, it offers a wide range of sensations reminiscent of blackberries. The Modra frankinja Slovenian wine’s taste is firm and slightly zesty. Among the red varieties, it comes on top in terms of the content of the beneficial substance resveratrol and is therefore increasingly sought after.

Modra Frankinja is in fact originally Slovenian

The origin of Modra Frankinja is wrapped in a mystery. Or at least it was for a very long time. If you search for the origin of Modra Frankinja online, you will come across the whole DNA profiling. Many European countries try to take origin into their own hands.

While the first officially documented appearance of Blaufränkisch or Modra Frankinja did not occur until 1862 when the grape was included in a viticultural exposition in Vienna, Austria, it is likely that the grape is much older, and has perhaps been around as long as the Middle Ages under a variety of Fränkisch synonyms. You can basically drink the wine of the royals.

Wine from this region was highly valued at that time (and still is if we are honest), and the grapes that were of high quality were then named Frankish to distinguish it from the lesser-known Hun grapes. Despite the close connection between the vines and the aforementioned region, researchers assume that the vine originates from Dalmatia, current Slovenia, southern Austria, and Hungary.

Top Slovenian wine – Modra Frankinja

After years and years … Historical ampelographic sources have indeed provided us with solid evidence that the geographical area of origin of Modra Frankinja is Lower Styria, where Slovenia, as we know, lies today. Experts from the Julius Kühne Institute in the German Geilweilerhof found and confirmed that the Blaufränkisch or Modra Frankinja is more than just an autochthonous Slovenian variety. It also originates from Slovenia. There you go. Modra Frankinja is without a doubt Slovenian wine.

Health benefits of drinkin’ Modra Frankinja

All is good in moderation, right? This top Slovenian wine – Modra Frankinja is known to have many health benefits. Modra Frankinja is characterized by a high content of antioxidants, especially resveratrol which lowers the overall level of cholesterol in the blood. Moreover, it increases the beneficial high lipoprotein density (HDL) that protects the heart.

At the same time, it also prevents cancer; therefore, moderate consumption of Blaufränkisch or Modra Frankinja is particularly recommended. Drinking Modra Frankinja can be beneficial you see!

Celebration of Modra Frankinja

Modra Frankinja or Blaufrankisch is an integral part of the Cviček wine which created significant visibility in the Slovenian territory in the ’90s and acquired the PTP label (recognized traditional denomination) in 2001.

Moreover, the Blue Franconian or Modra Frankinja represents an important part of the composition of the Metliška Črnina PTP and the Red Bizeljčan PTP wines. As a stand-alone wine, however, the Modra Frankinja has exceptional potential for development and visibility, which is to some extent unused.

Therefore, there is a wine festival dedicated to this top Slovenian wine!

This annual festival is held in early June in Sevnica and, as the name implies, honors the Modra Frankinja grape.

A few days prior to the event the tasting of Modra Frankinja evaluation will take place and the top three winners of each category: previous year, earlier years, others – sparkling and rose wines, will be decided by the International Expert Commission.

The announcement of the winners will be withheld until the event where there will be a presentation to each of the category winners and the runners up. Attending the Modra Frankinja festival is also a good opportunity to explore the whole Posavje wine region and visit local tourist attractions such as castles, museums, spas, or simply just enjoy the spectacular scenery.

The Modra Frankinja objectives are:

– Increasing the extent, distribution and quality of the Blaufrankisch wine production, and increasing the knowledge and quality of the cultivation of the Blaufrankisch wine (Education of growers and promotion of increasing production quality);

– Increasing the visibility and use of the Blaufrankisch wine in Posavje and beyond the borders of Posavje;

– Establishment of a sustainable local supply of local catering providers – to encourage the establishment of a system from the grower to the provider (promoting the use of Blaufrankisch in the local, regional and also national cuisine and catering); 
– Increasing the visibility and attendance of the Blaufrankisch Festival by producers and visitors as a reflection of the increased recognition and significance of the Blaufrankisch wine (General promotion and raising awareness of the (especially curing) characteristics of the Blaufrankisch wine at the local, regional and European levels, mainly through the Blaufrankisch Wine Festival).

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