At the end of March, the fourth selection of “THE SLOVENIA RESTAURANT AWARDS 2020” ended with the public voting. Given the unexpected situation and the crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, we were forced to cancel this year’s traditional closing ceremony. Nevertheless, we did not forget about the best Slovenian restaurants and gostilne. That’s why we decided to prepare a virtual version of the awards ceremony and the closing event itself.

The Deloitte revision company has counted all the votes received and confirmed the results, which we will announce gradually this time and will also conclude with a virtual closing event and ceremony, to which we will invite all participants of this year’s selection. The virtual event will be available to the general public for the first time. Meaning every person who voted this year for The Slovenian Restaurant Awards 2020 will be kindly invited to join us. The virtual event and award ceremony will air on June 2. The program and speakers will be announced this month.

For more information on the announcement of the results and the virtual event, follow our website and social networks, where we will keep you updated on who the finalists are and when the virtual closing event will be scheduled. Stay tuned for more information on the virtual ceremony of The Slovenia Restaurant Awards.

The list of “THE SLOVENIA RESTAURANT AWARDS 2020” is National Top 3, Four Regional Winners, People’s Voice, Best Inn, Best Hotel Restaurant, Best Newcomer, and Best Tourist Farm.

Next week we are also launching a new series of online events with interesting guests. The first webinar will be scheduled for next Thursday, May 14. Hrvoje Petrovic and Kaja Sajovic will be with us.

You are kindly welcomed to join us!