Strelec Wine Store


A new wine store on Ljubljana castle

Ljubljana’s castle completes its wine story with the opening of the Strelec wine store

A new wine store has opened its doors to the public on Ljubljana castle, thus rounding off the story about the oldest vine in the world and the castle’s vineyard. With boldness and valiancy, with the utmost responsibility and respect towards Ljubljana castle and wine from all three of Slovenia’s wine-producing regions, the Belica wine house from Medana, owned by the family of Zlatko Mavrič, which has been cultivating a love for viticulture, and the culinary group Kaval Group, which operates the Strelec restaurant, have joined forces.

The upper floor of the new wine shop offers degustation and the sale exclusively of Slovene wines from all three wine-producing regions. Underneath one can find the Strelec restaurant, where local wines intertwine with Slovene culinary tradition under the watchful eye of chef Igor Jagodic, as well as the wine cellar, meant to accommodate larger groups of visitors. The most breathtaking space of the wine shop is the terrasse on Bastija, with its gorgeous view of the capital, where guests can enjoy the magical atmosphere of a sunset, the careful selection of some of the best Slovene wines and the culinary delights of chef Igor Jagodic.

The city of wine and vine

With the addition of the Strelec wine shop, Ljubljana will further solidify its reputation of ˝The city of wine and vine˝. The wine shop will provide a home to all wine producers of the tiny Alpine country, which despite its size, has an enormous weight in the world of viticulture. None else, but exclusively Slovene wines will be paired off with the very best of Slovene culinary achievements. From Prekmurje to the coast, from Gorenjska and Koroška towards Dolenjska and Bela krajina.

If the Strelec restaurant, with chef Igor Jagodic at the helm, is a symbol of excellence and perfection, the Strelec wine store will be the symbol of everything Slovene, of authenticity and hospitality, and of respect towards Slovene wine producers and their wines. But it will also serve as proof where Slovene wines belong – on the very top of the world’s best wines.

Ljubljana castle

Belica wine house

Kaval Group

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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia