Velika planina has a new six-seater chairlift


In the year 2023, the new six-seater chairlift Šimnovec was installed and began operating on December 23, 2024, as additional inspections by independent experts showed that deficiencies had been rectified, and the chairlift with operational permission could operate for the public. The grand opening of the new six-seater chairlift will be on February 16, 2024.

Now, you can ride to the top of Velika Planina with a modern, user-friendly, sustainable, and faster device – the new six-seater chairlift, which replaced the two-seater chairlift Šimnovec.All works on the chairlift are completed. Training of employees has been conducted, a rescue exercise with the Mountain Rescue Service Kamnik has been carried out. A successful expert-technical inspection was conducted by the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute (ZAG). Operational permission has also been obtained, and the Šimnovec six-seater chairlift is ready for the public.During the construction of the new six-seater chairlift, Velika Planina closely collaborated with the Slovenian Nature Conservation Institute and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, ensuring that the new six-seater chairlift was implemented in accordance with high criteria for nature and cultural heritage conservation.It started operating on December 23, 2024. The modern, quieter, environmentally friendly six-seater chairlift now operates every day according to the regular schedule. It is a detachable, modern device manufactured by Leitner.

New tourist products are also available at the lower station of the cable car in Kamniška Bistrica!

New tourist products are also available at the lower station of the cable car in Kamniška Bistrica! In addition to the new six-seater chairlift, we are also introducing new tourist products that will cater to the various tastes and interests of visitors. Among other things, in Kamniška Bistrica, there will be 20 electric bikes available for rental, and at the Pod žičnico summer garden, there will be activities for the youngest visitors, as we have set up a mini adventure park with numerous interesting elements.

Next to the Jurček ski lift, we have built a summer park with eco-friendly playgrounds, where visitors can learn about tree species and animals. Through a forest periscope, they can observe the action in the treetops from a bird’s-eye perspective. During the ski season, a new ski conveyor belt for young skiers operates near the Jurček ski lift. With a combination of comfort, sustainability, natural beauty, and diverse tourist offerings, visiting Velika Planina will become an even more unforgettable experience that will linger in the memories of visitors long after they have left.

They have acquired 20 new electric mountain bikes, which will be available for rental in Kamniška Bistrica. They are also installing e-charging stations for electric bikes and a children’s mini-adventure park at the lower station of the cable car in Kamniška Bistrica. Additionally, they are constructing a space for private parties, a bike storage area, and landscaping the surroundings.

Velika Planina invites you to experience a ride on the chairlift from Šimnovec to Gradišče!

The new modern, quieter, and more environmentally friendly six-seater chairlift Šimnovec, with a capacity of 1450 passengers per hour, is welcomed by visitors to Velika Planina. With the old two-seater chairlift, the journey took up to 15 minutes, but with the new chairlift, the travel time is only around five minutes. The lower station of the chairlift is at an altitude of 1407 m, while the upper station is at an altitude of 1665 m. The chairlift covers a vertical distance of 258 m. It is a detachable cable car manufactured by Leitner, featuring three stations – the entry (Šimnovec), intermediate (Zeleni rob), and exit station (Gradišče), 12 support towers, and a drive motor with permanent magnets, without a gearbox (“direct drive”).

Since Velika Planina has been accessible by cable cars, they have become an indispensable part of the tourist offer. With the new chairlift, existing tourist products, both winter and summer, will become even more appealing.

The capacity of the chairlift enables better accessibility, meaning visitors can reach the summit more quickly, allowing them to dedicate more time to exploring the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this exceptional area. Your visit will not only be an experience but also a step towards sustainable tourism.